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Episode Recap: Her Body in My Soul

Flynn learns the shocking truth about who, and what, his wife was.


Dr. James examines Abby's frozen body and determines that it's human, though she's not sure if the body is actually Abby -- Flynn's wife -- or if Abby was a Hunter and made herself look like this person. Flynn is certain that it's Abby, his wife. Rage and heartbreak!

Jackson, Regan and Jules analyze a recording of McCarthy's late companion Tasha speaking in Romanian and emanating Hunter images. Regan sees the image that she saw before ... and, against Jackson's wishes, begins giving herself the 'sonic treatment' that was used to torture McCarthy (except this is to dull her overwhelmed senses). She's hurting, this one.

Later, when Flynn tells Emme that Abby is dead, Emme claims she actually had coffee with her yesterday in D.C.! Abby emailed Emme, telling her that she loves her ... and swearing her to secrecy. So much for that.

Emme sets up a meeting with Abby as a cover for Flynn to track her down. He spots her, looking very chic, kissing some guy outside a hotel. The ETU's analysis of his photo reveals that he's Richard Seraphin, Director of Global Asset Management at the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Jackson orders Jules to run all of Seraphin's records as Flynn takes a photo of the license plate of Seraphin's car.

Jules discovers that Seraphin was in Columbia the day before the ETU went there to investigate the drug den. Regan and Briggs apprehend him, during which Regan gets shot in the shouder by his chauffeur. Maybe too much edge was taken off with that sonic treatment!

Flynn tracks Abby to her hotel room, where she appears with a pistol to his head. After Flynn tells her that she killed his wife, she responds with "I am your wife!" and knocks him out with her gun (this happens in most marriages at some point). Flynn regains consciousness, still insisting that she's not his wife. She insists that he's wrong, and we flash back to Abby taking a blonde woman's corpse, molding herself in her image, and seducing Flynn for the first time at a bar in Baltimore. A meet-cute! Cute.

Back in the present, Flynn tries to disarm Abby and they get in a nasty (and rather impressive) fight. Flynn gains the upperhand and demands that Abby start talking ...

Abby claims that she didn't tell Flynn the truth about herself in order to protect him. She picked him because he was an FBI narcotics agent, and she needed to steal information from him and his slain partner Kevin and funnel it to McCarthy; Kevin got suspicious of her so McCarthy killed him to shut him up. Abby insists she fell in love with Flynn and Emme for real, and the tears in her eyes suggest that Flynn might not be the only one grieving the loss of their relationship. Ultimately, McCarthy kidnapped her because she wanted to leave the Hunters for her family.

Just then, the deformed hooded Hunters, whom Abby refers to as 'Feelers,' the eyes and ears of Brother Number Four, arrive at the hotel looking for them (these are the dudes the ETU has been calling "The Quins"). Abby insists that Flynn needs to shoot her so it looks like she put up a struggle and he got away. After Flynn demands that she tell him the truth about why the Hunters are after him, she responds with "Because you lived when you should have died." Flynn doesn't want to shoot her, but Abby can be very persuasive -- and emasculating -- when she wants to be ...

In the hotel hallway, the Feelers hear a gunshot.

Back at the ETU, Jackson interrogates Seraphin, who refers to Abby as 'Erica,' one of his many girlfriends. He claims his suitcase full of drug money is none of the ETU's business and they can't access his sealed accounts because of "diplomatic privilege." Jackson accuses him of laundering money for terrorists and Seraphin counters with threatening to have them all arrested. Delusions of grandeur, this one ...

Jackson gives Seraphin a cup of coffee and tells him that he's been sleeping with and laundering money for slimy aliens. A shocked Seraphin soon realizes that the coffee was drugged as Jackson demands access to all his records, bank accounts, emails, passwords, the works.

Shortly thereafter, Jackson and Briggs watch a news broadcast reporting that the police picked up Seraphin raving about his alien lover and the secret agency that kidnapped him. Of course, everybody assumes that he's insane. ETU has some fun drugs! Jackson tells Briggs that, given the amount of money Seraphin was working with, he must have been directly connected to Brother Number Four. They must find the link ...

Jackson confronts Regan for treating herself and she tells him that she's tired of being his pet/toy soldier. He says that he considers her one of his family, which prompts her to ask why he's never brought her to church with him. Is it because she isn't human? He apologizes, saying he didn't know she was interested. She says that the sonic machine soothes her like his faith soothes him.

Elsewhere, Flynn tells Emme that Abby never showed up for the meeting. He believes that Emme had coffee with her, but it wasn't the Abby they knew. They need to let go ... and grieve.

Finally, in his secret (and well-decorated) abode, Brother Number Four greets the arriving Feelers. He sticks his hand into the gaping hole in one of their chests and sees images of Abby on her hotel room floor, wounded and coughing up blood. Until next week …!