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Episode Recap: Kissing the Machine

While Regan finds herself trapped amongst the Hunters, the ETU mole is revealed.


Regan's been missing for 40 hours. Briggs tells Jackson and Finnerman that she appeared to go with Brother Number Four willingly, though Flynn's not buying it. Finnerman wants ETU to figure out what Regan knew and what kind of information she could give to Brother Number Four before planning her rescue. Jackson disagrees, so Finnerman demotes him and takes over, telling him that he should have just bombed the prison.

Meanwhile, Regan is chained up in a badly lit room, demanding to be released. There appears to be no more 'willingly' in this situation, if there ever was any in the first place.

Abby -- who seems to have recovered from being shot in Episode 5 just fine -- brings Regan to Musa. He feeds her and tells her that he didn't kill her parents. She spits steak at him, so he bangs her face against a wall and demands that she respect him. He really makes Hunter life seem appealing.

Abby asks Regan if she's ready to shed her 'human rags' and reveal her true self. Regan's like, "Um, no I don't want to look like a giant lizard." Abby dips her in a vat of silver Hunter blood and starts the 'clarifying' process.

Later, Abby remembers happy times with Flynn and Emme ... and her own recent 'clarification' at the hands of McCarthy. Musa says that Regan will be a tough nut to crack, but that Abby was, too.

Back at the ETU, Flynn and Jules tell Jackson that they think Briggs' Hunter-phobia covers the fact that he's really the ETU mole. They find a phone chip that Briggs used to call McCarthy no less than 14 times.

Flynn apprehends and interrogates Briggs, during which Briggs says that the love of his life really was killed by Hunters and he really does hate them. Soon, Flynn realizes that the mole is not Briggs, but Jules! Jules pointed the finger at Briggs and has access to all ETU records ... and he planted the phone card. Briggs and Flynn go to confront him, but he's flown the coop. Later, Finnerman finds a video message from Jules in which he says that he's tired of committing 'unethical acts' on Hunters.

After meeting with a former CIA colleague, Jackson tells Finnerman that the Hunters purchased several lithium mines (possibly to make thermonuclear weapons) ... and Regan's parents may have been running the one located a few miles from Regan's home. Jackson sends Briggs and Flynn to the address that they have for the mine, which is an abandoned hospital.

After Regan's 'clarification,' Musa tells her the Hunter origin story. Their planet was war-torn, divided into rulers and slaves. Many lives were lost. The survivors planned to colonize another planet to call their own, but a group called The Exalted sabotaged their expedition, causing all of them to separate and scatter to Earth. Musa also reveals that Hunters in their non-human form don't have race or gender. Regan wants to learn about Hunter sexuality, so Musa has Abby take her to some kind of crazy Hunter orgy where they have amazing Hunter sex.

Abby says that Regan is about to shed her humanity. She has to do just one more thing …

Jules is on the run, waiting for his Hunter contacts to pick him up. Suddenly, the Quins appear ... and they don't look like they're there to help him. He wakes up in the woods and finds himself in front of a giant red fire and surrounded by Hunters. Finally, Regan shows up and Abby tells her to sacrifice him as the final step in her 'clarification.' Apparently the Hunters are really mad that Jules blew his cover!

Jackson and his team clear the hospital but see a mysterious red light in the surrounding woods, where they find Jules' mutilated body. Just then, Jackson gets a phone call from Regan. He meets her on the porch of his house, where she tells him that she got away from Musa. Red flag!