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Episode Recap: Maid of Orleans

The search for the Hunters lead Flynn and Regan to the jungle, where she must face her past ... and a fellow Hunter.


We open on a flashback of pre-teen Regan being tormented by her bratty blonde neighbors as their jump roping hurts her Hunter ears (it annoys us, too, so maybe we're also Hunters). The ringleader gets a little too rude — so Regan mauls her! The childhood we wish we had.

Regan's father tells her that she shouldn't feel bad for hurting the blonde brat — she didn't mean to, no matter what the others say. He tells her that their family is 'different' ... and cuts open his skin to show her his Hunter innards! He's a good Hunter, though. They're not all terrible! She says that she doesn't ever want to hurt anyone. He responds: "Then don't."

Back in the present day, the ETU thinks that the Hunters sell drugs in the jungle to finance their terrorism, so Jackson sends the gang to investigate. Later, Flynn asks Regan if there are qualities other than her skin that identify her as a Hunter. She tells him she has difficulty with impulse control: sexual urges, hunger, rage — they're all bigger with Hunters.

Regan, Briggs and Flynn descend into the jungle. They meet the team of mercenaries that will help them navigate, led by a dude named Mato. Mato warns them that the Hunter drug compound is run by cold-blooded killers and surrounded by traps. Nobody gets in uninvited. Something inhuman watches them ...

The team comes upon a bunch of armed workers and kills them, fearing that they're Hunters and/or drug dealers. One scared girl survives. After some deliberation, Regan decides to let her live. The girl tells them that a shape-shifting, man-eating monster called La Mujana came out of the jungle and stole her mother! Wait for the movie version of her life starring Meryl Streep.

Regan remembers her life as a normal (if sullen) teenager suddenly becoming shattered when her father runs in and tells her that "the people we can't trust" are coming after her and she needs to run away from home. In a desperate panic, she escapes her house as the Hunters make it explode, carrying nothing but a backpack and a note from her now lost dad. She turns back to her house one last time and sees the creepy hooded figure that Flynn saw when he went looking for Abby at the abandoned farmhouse in Episode #1. 

In the present, the team finds an abandoned factory that looks like it could be the Hunters' drug den and/or camp. It is littered with ripped apart, decaying bodies. What happened here? Regan comes upon some monstrous footprints, which may be a clue as to the answer. As they continue their search, they find another body mutilated like the one in McCarthy's warehouse. It seems that the Hunters knew they were coming and started destroying evidence (including people). Flynn wonders if Slavich was right about the Hunter mole inside the ETU.

Regan thinks that the Hunters manufacture and take drugs to "take the pain away." She flashes back to having a lot of sex and drugs to kill her own pain when she was a traumatized youth on the run. A couple of cops bust her for smoking crack outside the restaurant where she works. She does not like coppers who try to take away her drugs, so she calls one of them "Donut Ass" and tackles the other. Hunters have struggles, too!

That night, the gang gets attacked by a Hunter — or by something — that definitely isn't human. Could it be La Mujana? Moto says he's going to call in back up and "the whole army if necessary," so Regan shoots him in the head. Ouch! Their findings must be kept secret. Flynn calls Jackson and says they're preparing to pursue the creature into the mountains. Jackson insists that they abort their mission, which is too dangerous without backup or a drone, though they're determined to track down the injured beast. They pretend that Jackson is breaking up and they can't hear his orders.

Briggs gets injured in a trap and Flynn has to take care of him, leaving Regan to pursue the monster alone. The men bond. Briggs confesses that he doesn't trust Regan because a Hunter killed his lover, Brendan, in Afghanistan. He thinks that all Hunters are monsters.

Regan comes into contact with the monster and they have an intimate moment (remember in Alien: Resurrection when Ripley hugs the alien queen? Yeah … neither do we, but it's sort of like that). She seems to feel some sympathy towards this creature. Man, this is a hard job!