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Episode Recap: Our System

Flynn's past become dangerously present whilst Emme's investigation into Abby puts her own life at risk.


In 2007 Afghanistan, Flynn and his fellow soldiers are attacked by Hunters. Back in the present, Jackson sends an increasingly troubled Flynn to visit Robert Brecke, another survivor of the attack, to see if he remembers anything about the horrible incident.

Flynn arrives at Brecke's idyllic house in the country and has flashbacks about being stuck at the bottom of a dirty pit with his crew. Flynn asks Brecke what he remembers about their capture and admits that he blames himself for putting the unit in danger. Brecke is obviously hesitant to talk about it.

Back at the ETU, Regan mourns her father's death and is furious when she learns that Finnerman plans to give him a full autopsy. Steph gives Jackson the Hunter translations that Regan's father made for Finnerman, though it remains unclear whether he was actually cooperating with the ETU.

Briggs reveals that Viktor Karp is working on a big weapons trade in Mexico but his location remains unknown. Regan and Briggs start sniping about why neither of them managed to apprehend Karp, during which Regan calls Briggs a big butt-kisser and confronts him for capturing her dad, which he denies. Jackson has to finally break it up when Regan suggests they fight "girl to girl."

Jackson asks Briggs if he's been secretly taking orders from Finnerman, which Briggs neither confirms nor denies. Jackson says that secrets will ruin the team, to which Briggs snaps back with "so will bad leadership." Tension, tension.

Meanwhile, the ETU has since tapped Flynn's phone and hears a message from Emme saying that she's found a file of classified Hunter information and knows Abby's secret. Finnerman orders Regan to contain Emme and interrogate her. Regan refuses, to which Finnerman says do it or she won't get her father's remains. Lovely woman, as always.

Regan shows up at Emme's school and asks to see the files. Emme takes Regan to the woods and tries to run away. Regan tackles her, but Emme gets Regan's gun and shoots her! Kids. Emme gets even more freaked out when Regan barely acknowledges the wound.

Finally, Emme leads Regan to an abandoned motorhome in which she's hidden the classified files. Regan asks Emme why she couldn't just leave well enough alone and calls her stupid. She pulls her weapon, seemingly ready to whack this kid who may now know too much for her own good ... 

Back at the Brecke household, Flynn begs his buddy to share what he remembers about the nightmare they endured in Afghanistan, after which Brecke reveals that Flynn was the only person taken out of the pit ... and when he returned, he was "different." Brecke claims that Hunters didn't kill the rest of their unit ... Flynn did. Huh? Flynn has trouble processing this ... and, frankly, so do we. 

Brecke's wife Katie tells Flynn that Brecke was a mess when he came back from Afghanistan until one night he drove off the side of the road and disappeared for several days ... after which he returned a 'changed man.' Huh? Flynn retreats into the bathroom, looks in the medicine cabinet and finds … lotion and moisturizer! Lots of it! HUNTER ALERT.

An increasingly suspicious Brecke aggressively insists that Flynn stay for dinner. Flynn sneaks away to call Emme and, presumably, bolt ... but he actually calls Jackson, who senses trouble and sends in Briggs and a squad to investigate.

After Flynn finishes up his awkward and increasingly tense dinner with the Brecke family, he throws some dishes and makes a run for it, leading Brecke to have a Hunter meltdown and beat the bejeezus out of Katie. As Flynn runs into the nearby woods, Brecke rips off part of his face to expose his super Hunter ears to better track him down. That's hardcore.

Briggs and his men arrive at Brecke's house and find his two kids crying over their dead mother ... and a secret Hunter communication hub in the living room.

Brecke catches up with Flynn and tells him he doesn't know what Musa sees in him. He also reveals that Flynn and his unit were the prey in The Great Hunt, and he's going to finish what he started. Flynn eventually gets the upperhand, and after Hunter Brecke refuses to tell him why Musa let him live, Flynn beats him to death.

Poor Flynn. He needs therapy now more than ever.