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Episode Recap: Pretending to See the Future

Fugitives Flynn and Regan make a dangerous play as help for the ETU comes from the unlikeliest of sources.


In Afghanistan 2009, Finnerman and Jackson investigate the brutal murders of several American soldiers, including Briggs' partner. Finnerman shows Jackson something she claims will make him doubt the existence of God: a Hunter corpse.

Outside his church in the present day, Jackson debates whether to call the Under Secretary and explain his side of what went down at the hotel, but his wife persuades him that going above Finnerman will only cause trouble. After they re-enter the church, a Mormon missionary type plants a bomb under Jackson's car! Later, Jackson spots the suspicious fella and keeps his family from entering the vehicle. A Hunter sonic bomb explodes, but everyone is safe. Whew!

Flynn and Regan are outside Kansas City, where Flynn sees a news report blaming the mass shooting at the hotel on Jeff Yang, the nice teacher whom Regan tried to save at the hotel. Regan wants to hack into ETU's system to find out what they're up to and warn the Hunters, whom she believes are just trying to peacefully leave the planet. Flynn isn't so sure. Regan proposes they track down Victor Karp, the Hunters' arms dealer, to confirm the truth about The Purge.

At Hunter headquarters, Abby and Liana take care of wounded Musa, who's getting more paranoid and incoherent, claiming the humans unleashed a chemical weapon on him and that they want his body because he can heal himself. He suspects there's a traitor in the Hunter camp and tells Abby to round everybody up for evaluation.

Regan and Flynn track Victor Karp to a medical research center, where they hijack his car but find his terminally ill son Pablo in the backseat instead of him. They take him to a hotel, where he tells them that he has leukemia but his father's going to give him some sort of radical new treatment, which Regan suspects is her blood. Regan calls Karp and tells him he can have his son back if he tells her the location of the launch, but Karp insists on getting his son back first. Pablo starts having a seizure, which prompts Regan and Flynn to debate whether to give him the experimental injection.

Regan confirms that Pablo's treatment is mutated Hunter blood and they inject him with it. Pablo wakes up and feels great, sure that his cancer is gone ... and then he stops breathing. Regan performs CPR and ends up pushing his chest in, after which his entire body starts to melt into itself. Gross. Don't inject Hunter blood, people.

Jackson, furious about the attempt on his family's life, tells Finnerman he wants back in and will do whatever it takes to win the war against the Hunters. Finnerman tells him to meet her at a safe house in Maryland, but Briggs shows up first to make sure everything's kosher. As Jackson makes coffee in the kitchen, Briggs pulls a gun on the back of his head, though Jackson throws the coffee at him and points his own gun right back. A brief exchange confirms that Finnerman was behind the bomb all along. We knew it. Briggs regains control and shoots Jackson in the arm, but Jackson gets away. Jackson hides from Briggs (who, BTW, is clearly there to kill Jackson on Finnerman's orders), who shouts things like "There's only one way out of ETU!" They come face-to-face in the barn.....

Regan and Flynn wait for Victor Karp, wondering how they're gonna break the news about his son's head melting to him. It ends up that they won't have to as a car drives up and Karp's severed head flies out the window. This says only one thing to us: McCarthy! Sure enough, we're right; and, by the way, the Hunter blood injection was his idea. Meanwhile, he claims he's been kicked out of The Purge and wants to help the ETU stop Musa; in fact, he'll reveal the location of The Purge to Jackson in exchange for immunity.

Back at Hunter headquarters, an increasingly crazed Musa tells Abby that he thought all of The Exalted died but there are members actually lurking amongst them. He's cut short by Liana arriving and saying it's time, after which they and the rest of the Hunters behold a massive spaceship. Musa proclaims, "We are going home!"

Finnerman gets a text from Briggs (or is it?) summoning her to the safe house, where she finds Jackson alone. He condemns her for killing so many innocent people to protect a secret, though she argues that she's protecting the nation. She says there's no room for compassion for Hunters and that he's not able to make the tough decisions anymore. Jackson proves her wrong as he aims his gun at the back of her head. Finnerman, oddly resigned, allows her execution.