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Episode Recap: The More I See You

While Regan reunites with a long-lost family member, Flynn self-destructs and Abby makes a bold move.


Jackson demands that Regan tell him about what happened when she was Musa's prisoner, but she won't until he reveals what the ETU did to her parents. He claims that he really doesn't know, but she doesn't buy it. Regan later tells Flynn that Abby tried to 'clarify' her but later let her escape ... and she doesn't know why.

Meanwhile, Finnerman suggests that they get information out of Regan by torturing her (oh, Finnerman!). Jackson says that if she knows what happened to Regan's parents, it's time to fess up ... and she does.

Abby drives through the desert and comes to a military base where her colleagues are preparing weaponry. Her superior, Liana, tells her that "The Purge will go as planned." They check in on Hunter who is now dying painfully after a failed attempt to revert to its native form. Musa breaks its neck to end its misery.

The Hunters can't commence with The Purge without being able to revert to their native forms, and the solution might lie with research scientist Sterling Martinez. Abby volunteers to go after him, accompanied by the Quins (yes! So cool).

At the ETU, Regan tells Jackson that the Hunters are after a human named Sterling Martinez and it has to do with The Purge. He, in return, tells her that Finnerman has had her father in captivity for six years. She gets pissed and demands to see him. Jackson introduces everyone to brainy beauty Steph, Jules' replacement, and sends Flynn and Briggs after Martinez.

Flynn and Briggs investigate Martinez's apartment, which is filled with various drugs, lobster-like creatures in tanks and research on a rare calcium disorder. When Martinez shows up, he reveals that he once worked for a pharmaceutical company whose medication caused birth defects in babies; since then, he's been independently researching how to help the victims.

Just then, Flynn gets a call from Abby saying that Musa will make her kill an innocent person if he doesn't come for her immediately. It turns out she's watching him from behind a tree ...

Briggs confronts Abby outside as Flynn gets impatient while Martinez takes forever to pack up his stuff. Suddenly, the Quins emit a noise that overwhelms and paralyzes everyone and makes things explode (yes! So cool). With Flynn and Briggs incapacitated, the Hunters snatch Martinez.

Back at the ETU, Briggs accuses Flynn of letting Abby and the Quins get away because he was doped up. He also tells him that the scar on his arm was also found on Jules and several other Hunter victims and that it's time for him to face his demons. They get in a big nasty man fight and Flynn smashes Briggs' head repeatedly against a locker room bench. Talk about demons!

Meanwhile, Regan reunites with her father Ted at a secret ETU facility. He and Musa were close but they had a falling out when Musa's actions became extreme, and Regan's mother left him to become Musa's second-in-command (probably Liana, right?). Finnerman was responsible for torturing him and other Hunters, but he's never met Jackson ... and he's pretty sure that Briggs is the one who apprehended him.

Jackson, watching this reunion from outside the interrogation room, is getting more curious about this secret facility he never knew about. He goes exploring and finds a hooded man in chains: McCarthy! He's in terrible shape and claims he's been tortured almost nonstop. When Jackson offers him water, McCarthy attacks him and escapes.

Musa and McCarthy reunite. Musa is furious at him for all his reckless behavior and banishes him from The Purge. McCarthy falls on his knees, begs forgiveness and promises to be Musa's faithful servant. Musa seems to accept him back into the fold, but you know McCarthy has more mischief up his sleeve.