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Hunters: Epic Husband vs. Wife Battles

We've heard of couples fighting, but this is ridiculous.

By Bryan Enk

This week's episode of Hunters was a bit short on marital bliss as a handful of happy flashbacks to Flynn and Abby's meet-cute at a Baltimore bar was overshadowed by the present day's central conflict: specifically, a hotel room beat-down that deserves a place next to some of film and TV's most memorable scenes of couples getting physical … and we don't mean in a nice way! Take a look.

  1. The War of the Roses (1989)

    Danny DeVito's dark fable of a marriage gone very, very sour plays like a Gothic horror comedy, with Oliver and Barbara Rose (Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner) indulging in gleefully over-the-top methods of trying to destroy each other utterly. The scene in the attic — complete with the introduction of 'The Bald Avenger' — is particularly nasty …

    … though there's also that bit where Barbara runs over Oliver's prized car with a mini-monster truck. Never piss on the fish.

  2. Mr. and Mrs. Smith (2005)

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie play a bored couple who also happen to be master assassins. What better way to spice up a marriage than to get assigned to each other? Well, yeah, there are probably better ways, but still …

  3. Total Recall (1990)

    Douglas Quaid (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is a construction worker who dreams of having a real life adventure on Mars … and gets his wish, after a visit to a virtual vacation agency goes berserk (or does it?). After getting shot at by nefarious forces, Quaid comes home and faces further opposition from his loving wife (Sharon Stone). Be careful what you wish for!

  4. Total Recall (2012)

    The remake of Paul Verhoeven's gonzo sci-fi classic is short on the original's grotesque, go-for-broke flourishes, but it's ultimately not that bad … and when you've got Kate Beckinsale filling in for Sharon Stone, well, you know the recreation of the husband-wife fight is going to be something special. Colin Farrell looks genuinely scared of her, and he should be.

    Total Recall Colin Farell vs Kate Beckinsale Fight Scene

  5. Death Becomes Her (1992)

    Ernest Menville (Bruce Willis) is a once-famous plastic surgeon whose miserable marriage to vain Broadway star Madeline Ashton (Meryl Streep) has driven him to drink … and to contribute just a little push in getting her to fall down their rather impressive staircase. Luckily, before her little tumble, Madeline drank a magic potion that supposedly delivers eternal youth, and … well, heh heh …  

  6. She-Devil (1989)

    Another Meryl Streep movie, though in this one she's upstaged to and fro by Roseanne Barr as Ruth Patchett, a put-upon housewife whose husband (Ed Begley Jr.) commences with an affair with hot romance novelist Mary Fisher (Streep). That's the last straw for Ruth, and, well, ka-boom goes the house! Hell hath no fury like a She-Devil scorned.

    She-Devil (4/11) Movie CLIP - Ruth's Exit (1989) HD

  7. Haywire (2011)

    And now we're full circle back to a hotel room brawl! True, black ops agent Mallory Kane (Gina Carano) and MI6 agent Paul (Michael Fassbender) aren't really married, but their joint mission in Dublin has them pretending to be. However, there's certainly nothing pretend about their brutal skirmish — housekeeping's going to freak out when they see this.

Flynn + Abby Forever.

Husband vs. Wife