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Hunters: From Where Do I Know Britne Oldford?

You might recognize the Hunters beauty from Skins, American Horror Story: Asylum and The Flash.

By Bryan Enk

The lady who plays Allison Regan, the badass heroine of Hunters, looks a little familiar, doesn't she?

Like her co-star Nathan Phillips, Britne Oldford has an affinity for the horror genre ... and got her start on a soap opera. Well, a soap opera-ish, as that's probably the best way to describe MTV's American remix of Skins (2011), which follows a group of troubled Baltimore teens as they try to get through high school. Britne played Cadie Campbell, a gorgeous eccentric struggling with drug addiction, low self-esteem and suicidal tendencies.


Britne first dipped her toe into the horror genre with her portrayal of Alma Walker on American Horror Story: Asylum (2012-13). Alma was the wife of Kit Walker (Evan Peters), and their secret interracial marriage became all the more ... uh, complicated after she was abducted by aliens and he was committed for her alleged murder. Ah, young love!


Britne continued down the horror path with her portrayal of Eve in 36 Saints (2013), a sort of Se7en meets The Da Vinci Code thriller about a group of NYC students who run afoul of a serial killer looking to rid the world of righteous individuals. Did Britne's character manage to make it to the closing credits alive? Hey, no spoilers here, though her coy look should give you a hint ...

Missing media item.

Britne continued her dance on the dark side with the ABC Family series and Pretty Little Liars spin-off, Ravenswood (2013-14). Britne played Remy Beaumont, a newspaper journalist and one of five strangers brought together by an ancient curse.


And finally, Britne is no stranger to the comic book genre, as she portrayed the role of Shawna Baez/Peek-a-Boo in a couple episodes of The CW's The Flash (2015). Shawna has the power of teleportation, which makes her a formidable opponent for Barry Allen.


Catch Britne Oldford as Allison Regan on Hunters, premiering April 11 at 10/9c.