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Hunters: Gale Anne Hurd's Most Political Show

Aliens can be political, ya know! The producer of The Terminator and The Walking Dead talks with io9 about Syfy's Hunters.

By Bryan Enk

So ... Hunters is a political show?

You betcha, and the same could be said for The Walking Dead. It's all about using science fiction to draw parallels to real-world issues, and producer Gale Anne Hurd's been doing that since she attacked immigration laws and prejudice in 1988's Alien Nation (remember that one? James Caan and Mandy Patinkin, baby!).

Hunters takes a long, hard look at terrorism, an issue that "isn't going away," Hurd said in an interview with io9. "It deals with a group of aliens who — well, we're not sure what their intention is. Very often, we see aliens that are either not scary or they have such dominant abilities that it's impossible to imagine that we could resist them. We wanted to see what would happen if their capabilities weren't so significant — and how they would achieve, or not achieve, their ends, given they didn't arrive on a huge ship that can destroy major cities on Earth."

Hurd and her creative team also explore the struggles of mixed races in the series, particularly with the character of Allison Regan, a Hunter who's hunting her own kind.

"[With] someone who is mixed-race, who do you identify with? Often, you’re rejected by both sides," said Hurd. "Because Regan is a hunter, because she's an alien, she isn't embraced very easily by the rest of the unit. She struggles to figure out if she's doing the right thing, because she's going against her kind. I think that's the basis of great drama, that kind of internal conflict that a character has to deal with."

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