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Pre-Order the Hunters Music Album

It's called, appropriately enough, For You.

By Bryan Enk

There's a Hunters album coming out, and it's called, appropriately enough, For You.

Music plays a major role on Hunters, and electronic music masters Andy Gray and Gary Numan are taking it one step further by releasing a Hunters-inspired EP. For You features the theme song from the series (titled "For You," heard over the opening titles) as well as three new tracks: "In My Liar's Grave," "We Are All Hunted" and "It Will All Rain Down."

It's the kind of music that gets McCarthy in a huntin' mood!

Andy Gray has a history of innovative production and songwriting collaborations with artists including Paul Oakenfold, Amoeba Assassin, The Human League and John Foxx, alongside remixes for artists such as Madonna, U2 and Dave Matthews Band. Meanwhile, Gary Numan is the man behind such iconic hits as "Down in the Park," "We Are Glass" and, of course, "Cars," influencing a wide range of artists from Dave Grohl to Trent Reznor.

For You will be released on May 20.

Click here to pre-order For You on iTunes.

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