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The Craziest Moments From Hunters

Alien babies, mother-daughter smackdowns and E.T. orgies.

By Bryan Enk

The first season of Hunters contained some truly outrageous, jaw-dropping moments, from Musa getting his head torn open to McCarthy's lady giving birth to a Hunter baby to Regan and Liana engaging in some daughter-mother bonding via a rousing session of fisticuffs (and kicks and slaps and sonic gun blasts). 

See below. This is madness.

  1. Musa Loses His Head (Episode 13: New Holy Ground)

    Musa, crazed with sickness and paranoia, told Flynn that, as the only survivor of a Great Hunt, he's destined to protect his people from the treachery of The Exalted. Well, Flynn has absolutely no interest in being the Chosen One, and he's none too happy about the way Musa has been messing with his life for the past six years, so ... he tears Musa's head open. Like, literally. Good night, Brother Number Four!


  2. McCarthy Gets Blasted (Episode 13: New Holy Ground)

    Perhaps the season's biggest jump scare had Briggs blasting McCarthy in the face with not one but two sonic guns at close range ... and in mid-sentence, at that! It was a brutal, nasty way for McCarthy to go, though there may be some life in the old trickster yet, as Briggs later discovers that the body has disappeared. Still, even if McCarthy's still alive, he's got to be hurting something fierce.

    Me Into the Wind

  3. The Incredible Melting Man (Episode 12: Pretending to See the Future)

    Kids, don't do drugs ... and especially don't do Hunter blood. Pablo Karp, the terminally ill son of arms dealer and Hunter ally Viktor Karp, thought his leukemia could be cured by injecting himself with the silver stuff; he felt pretty good for a little while, and then his face melted.

    Again: His freakin' face melted.

    It Burns

  4. Dinner Table Head Slam (Episode 10: Our System)

    Just how much does the particularly nasty Hunter who's taken over the identity of Flynn's army buddy Bob Brecke not care about his acquired human family? Apparently not a whit, as he repeatedly slams the head of his wife into the dinner table when she inadvertently gets in the way of him pursuing Flynn into the woods. It might not be the most shockingly brutal moment on Hunters, but it's probably the most unexpected one.

    You Stay Right There

  5. Mother-Daughter Smackdown (Episode 9: Promise)

    Some sort of physical contest between Regan and her estranged mother Liana was inevitable. What we didn't expect is just how vicious mama was gonna be. Really, what if that truck hadn't come by? Would Liana really have shot her own daughter with that high-powered rifle? The mind boggles.

    Hey Mom

  6. Alien Orgy (Episode 7: Kissing the Machine)

    When Regan somewhat willingly accompanies Musa to Hunter HQ after the ETU raid on the Turkish prison he once called home, it's Abby who's in charge of getting her to fully embrace her inner Hunter. This involves being submerged in a tub full of Hunter blood ... and participating in a Hunter lovefest. E.T.'s know how to spend a Saturday night!

    A War-Torn World

  7. Alien Baby (Episode 4: Love and Violence)

    Hunters give birth out of a gaping gouge in their back ... and, not surprisingly, it seems like it's a pretty painful process. It would've been nice to see this little fella grow up but, alas, McCarthy later squished his poor little head lest he become yet another lab specimen for the ETU to poke and prod. Ah, the Circle of Life ...

    Alien Baby