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Uncover The Conspiracy: Season 1, Episode 1

Take your first step into the dangerous world of Hunters.

By Bryan Enk

You've just taken your first step into the dark and dangerous world of Hunters.

The Exo-Terrorism Unit, as anyone that watches Hunters knows (and if you don't, we just told you), is dedicated to investigating and discovering these alien terrorist that live amongst us. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, at least according to the Edward Snowden-type hacker who has released the ETU's files to the public.

Yes, the ETU has been exposed. Every week, HunterTrac, the name of the site the hacker has set up, will unveil new files (illegally) lifted from the ETU.

Up this week: a whole horde of files on the ETU and their known associates, as well as access to interdepartmental emails, briefings and schematics on the unique weapons utilized by the ETU ... as well as some disturbing reports of witnesses who have survived encounters with the deadly Hunters.

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