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Uncover the Conspiracy: Season 1, Episode 12

Musa calls the shots with the Hunters. But why him?

By Bryan Enk

Welcome back to HunterTrac, your source for the truth about the ETU and the Hunters.

This week, we've got an ETU report speculating on why the Hunters are so obedient to Musa, aka Brother Number Four. Um … it might have something to do with the fact that his skin can create red mist and his saliva can heal a wound in seconds!

We also have a leaked ETU dossier on Musa's top lieutenant, Liana Regan. She's a dangerous one … and there’s something about her that seems a bit untrustworthy …

Finally, we have a report outlining the particulars of Hunter blood, and how it could be potentially dangerous to humans. Heh heh … is this 'potentially dangerous' enough for you?:

It Burns

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