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Uncover the Conspiracy: Season 1, Episode 13

The Exalted are stirring, there's still a spaceship up there somewhere and it's a really good thing that Project Orion was shut down.

By Bryan Enk

Welcome back to HunterTrac, your source for the truth about the ETU and the Hunters.

This week, we've got an intelligence report put together by an ETU analyst in response to an unusual amount of chatter from a Hunter terror cell known as The Exalted upon the destruction of the Hunter ship in Mexico. This can't be good.

We've also got a report on Project Orion, the discontinued study of nuclear pulse propulsion from the 1950s that served as the basis for the Hunters' plan to leave Earth … which would've resulted in destroying a good chunk of it.  

Finally, we've got a report based on ETU interrogations of a captured Hunter that suggest a large Hunter spacecraft remains in our solar system. What's up with this mystery ship?

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