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Uncover the Conspiracy: Season 1, Episode 4

Hunter babies. What will they think of next?

By Bryan Enk

So … how about the Hunter 'back birth,' eh?

Welcome back to HunterTrac, your source for the truth about the Hunters and the ETU … the ugly, disturbing truth your government doesn't want you to know.

This week, we've got Dr. James' preliminary autopsy report regarding Tasha, the pregnant Hunter, and her baby, who was seemingly murdered by McCarthy. It might very well be that native Hunters are genderless!

We've also got blueprints for an ETU device known as 'The Treatment,' originally developed to decrease Regan's Hunter urges. McCarthy got a whole head full of this 'Treatment' during his interrogation.

Finally, we've got an email that Jackson wrote to Finnerman regarding Regan's encounter with the NFH (Native Form Hunter) and his theory on Hunter communication. Interestingly enough, this stayed in his Drafts folder and was never sent.

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