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Uncover the Conspiracy: Season 1, Episode 6

Meet Musa Wazari. He's a scary guy.

By Bryan Enk

Welcome back to HunterTrac, your source for the truth about the ETU and the Hunters … and the Hunters' ruthless leader, Musa Wazari, aka Brother Number Four.

This week, we have a transfer request from Ahlam Demir, a correctional officer unlucky enough to be serving Musa's wing in the Turkish prison. Who would ever want to look after a scary alien from outer space?

We also have a newspaper clipping of a Hunter eyewitness account in Romania that sheds some light on the timeline of Musa Wazari. What's with all those strange lights in the sky …?

And finally, we have the ETU's updated dossier on Musa Wazari. There is, of course, much more to this guy than just anti-Communist resistance!

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