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Uncover the Conspiracy: Season 1, Episode 8

Welcome to the ETU's secret big house.

By Bryan Enk

Welcome back to HunterTrac, your source for the truth about the ETU and the Hunters.

This week, we take a look at Specialized Detention, a rather unfortunate procedure supervised and practiced by, shall we say, more enthusiastic members of the ETU (ahem, Finnerman). And keeping Hunters locked up costs money! We have a memo from Finnerman regarding a budget proposal for Phase 2 of what she refers to as the Echo Detention Center.

We also have some intel on the ETU's research laboratories, where physicians experiment with Hunter causes of death, disfigurement, permanent disability and other trauma. It's not a happy place, even though one area is referred to as 'The Tickle Lab.'

Finally, we a transcript of an interrogation session with Ted Regan conducted during his extended stay at the Echo Detention Center (EDC). The poor guy believed his daughter was dead as far back as 2009 … and was refused a coat despite repeated requests for one.
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