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What's The Purge and Other Important Questions About Hunters

There are only three more episodes left and so many questions to be answered.

By Bryan Enk

There are only three (three!) episodes of Hunters left this season ... and several questions that still need answering. Here's hoping the writers don't leave us hanging!

Burning ponderances below.

  1. Just what in the heck is The Purge?


    Anything referred to as a 'purge' can't be good. But what exactly is 'The Purge' that the Hunters are planning? All we know so far is that it involves Hunters being in their native form ... and some sort of contribution from arms dealer Viktor Karp. As in, like, what looks like nuclear missiles. Is Planet Earth in trouble? It sure looks that way ... but then again, there's always more than meets the eye when it comes to the Hunters.
  2. What's the deal with Flynn and the Hunters?


    So Flynn was spared during the Great Hunt of Afghanistan 2007 (and all he got to show for it was a lousy scar). But why? What's the connection between him and the Hunters? What does Musa see in him, per Brecke's comment in Episode 10?
  3. Where's McCarthy ... and what's he up to?


    When we last saw McCarthy, he gave us a private sneer as Musa apparently forgave him for his recent recklessness involving picking up drug addicts at karaoke bars and killing his own offspring. We know he's up to no good ... and we hope he's up to it soon.
  4. Which side will Regan choose?


    Poor Regan, torn between two species. Which side of the fence will she land on: Hunter or Human? Whichever side she chooses, we hope she finds the peace that has eluded her since the second she was born.
  5. Who calls the shots with Briggs?


    Briggs has gotten angrier, more critical, more confrontational and, in some ways, more mysterious with each passing episode. And now Jackson has accused him of taking orders directly from Finnerman. Is Briggs involved in missions of which Jackson is not privy? Does he have an agenda other than hunting down 'guanos'?
  6. Who's going to whack Finnerman?


    Seriously, someone needs to take out this insufferable woman, and pronto. She's a plague of misery for humans and Hunters alike.