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In 2074, CEOs Do Drugs and Bacon Costs $500

The future ain't pretty. Here's what it's like as seen in Incorporated Episode 1. 

By Bryan Enk

Greetings, citizens. Welcome to Life in 2074, our weekly blog exploring the day-to-day of the future world of Incorporated. Here we'll take a closer look at the details of life in a corporate-controlled society as depicted in the latest episode of Incorporated.

Incorporated Season 1, Episode 1: "Vertical Mobility" showed us that there are men with guns all over the place, corporate rivalry sometimes involves blowing things up, drugs are more dangerous than ever and, perhaps most notably, it's really, really hard to get your bacon fix. See below.



Always considered the Food of Kings, actual animal-grown bacon has become one of the greatest delicacies in the modern world. Following the destruction of much of the Midwest's farmland, decimating not just pigs and other livestock but also the country's soy crop, scientists set to find an alternative source of bacon. While the petri dish-grown alternative is said to 'taste just like the real thing,' in fact, it's considerably less salty and flavorful.

Luckily, there's still small family-owned farms that have kept the tradition of Free Range Bacon alive. While its cost fluctuates, a six-ounce cut can go for as much as $500. For any special occasion, say it with bacon!

Private Armies


Following the crumbling of the governments and the passage of the 29th Amendment (which gave corporations sovreignity), much of the world's global security was put in the hand of Private Corporate Armies. Private Armies are an opportunity for Red Zone Occupants to have a chance at true mobility. Through dedicated service and a lifelong commitment, many soldiers may go on to lucrative careers at major corporations.



While frequently overblown in the media, terrorism is a rare occurrence. Open hostilities between rival corporations and the occasional fringe lunatic group occur rarely. Any attacks to SPIGA property is answered harshly with the aid of the SPIGA Corporate Army. If you think something might be up, tell SPIGA what's going down. There is no punishment for over-vigilance.



Corporate guidelines allow for the use of Performance Enhancers, specifically in the form of stimulants to enhance concentration, productivity and volume. While several black market drugs are available in the Red Zone, it is highly recommended that SPIGA employees use cautious judgment. Blur, the most popular of these black market drugs, may cause nausea, dizziness and extreme cerebral cortex dysplasia.