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In 2074, Corporate Loyalty May Get Your Wife Killed

Seriously. Here's what the future is like as seen in Incorporated Episode 10.

By Bryan Enk

Hello, citizen. Welcome back to Life in 2074, our weekly blog exploring the day-to-day of the future world of Incorporated. Here we take a closer look at the details of life in a corporate-controlled society as depicted in the latest episode of Incorporated.

Where do your true loyalties lie? The answer may result in your wife's blood all over your nice suit. Here's what the future is like as seen in Incorporated Season 1, Episode 10: "Golden Parachute."

Loyalty Test


In this age of turncoats and spies, it requires a particularly thorough form of vetting to make sure your best and brightest remain true and loyal. Hence, the Loyalty Test. Completely immersive virtual reality allows for testing in the truest sense as subjects are completely unaware they are being judged. Loyalty tests have evolved over time to increase the stakes of the situations and to eliminate risk to innocent bystanders while focusing on core areas of weakness (typically family and loved ones). Loyalty tests are recorded and kept on file for future use.

The 40th Floor


Upper Management at SPIGA is an elite team of the smartest and most capable executives on the planet. To be elevated to this lofty status requires commitment, focus and a willingness to sacrifice anything - and everything - for the company. Perks include dedicated personal assistants, upgraded living arrangements and, of course, access to SPIGA's worldwide network of exclusive Executive Clubs. Through sacrifice of trivial rights such as privacy, Upper Management is given access to the very best the company has to offer and an opportunity to prove themselves as the ultimate corporate citizens. Many junior executives can find the transition stressful, as Upper Management is under intense scrutiny from the Executive Branch of the company as well as the Board of Directors.


Missing media item.

Entertainment, pleasure and power exemplified. Arcadia is a world class institution, one of the finest of all of SPIGA's Executive Clubs. This five-time SPIGA Award-winning venue caters to the every need and desire of SPIGA employees (40th Floor and above, of course). Extensive profiles of all guests are gathered using a specifically tailored questionnaire and a wealth of personal information. From this, the perfect night of pleasure can be created. With hosts of all races, colors, ages, backgrounds and proclivities, there is something for everyone. Best of all, all services are covered in your benefits packet, so you can always enjoy yourself cost- and consequence-free.