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In 2074, Little Robots Are the Best Surgeons

Nano-technology is changing the practice of medicine ... and it's totally rad. Here's what the future is like as seen in Incorporated Episode 9.

By Bryan Enk

Hello, citizen. Welcome back to Life in 2074, our weekly blog exploring the day-to-day of the future world of Incorporated. Here we take a closer look at the details of life in a corporate-controlled society as depicted in the latest episode of Incorporated.

Robots can sew up that wound faster than you can ... and without a needle and thread! Here's what the future is like as seen in Incorporated Season 1, Episode 9: "Burning Platform."



In the old days, wounds had to be either sewn or epoxied shut with a biodegradable resin. Both of these left the possibility of infection, material failure and human error wide open in the world of surgery. By 2032, nano technology had advanced to allow for microscopic, self-aware robots to do the suturing for the surgeon. Now, all wounds are closed with tissue made by the microscopic robots using your own cells. This means no infection, no foreign contaminant ... and no accidents.

Sioux Falls


Come to the scenic Sioux Falls Spiga Campus! Sioux Falls is truly the City of the Future. Corporate holdings throughout the city have been unified under SPIGA, creating a true, peaceful existence. The city is fortified with a protective wall, ensuring that all residents are members of the SPIGA family. High security clearance employees find a better quality of life thanks to the top-notch security protocols. This means enhanced privacy, enhanced freedoms ... and no Quiet Room. And unlike every other major city in the US, there is no Red Zone! Sioux Falls has truly become the Paradise by the Ocean.

Total Body Rejuvenation Package


A new life awaits you thanks to Total Body Rejuvenation Packages. Your entire dermis is replaced with fresh cells. Your internal organs enter a period of revitalization as the cells are put into rapid divison, replacing themselves with fresh, new organs. Have the skin and internal organs of a 16-year-old ... minus the puberty!

The Maraj Technique


The Maraj Technique is a genetic hybridization process guaranteed to redefine farming for the post-climate world. By hybridization with plant life as wide and varied as mangroves, arctic grass and cactuses, geneticist Sanjay Maraj has created crops that will not just survive but thrive in the harsh world around us. This technique is patented and held exclusively by the Inazagi Corporation.