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In 2074, Metal Detectors Make the Money

Why be unemployed when you can be a scavenger for the Corporations? Here's what the future is like as seen in Incorporated Episode 6.


Hello, citizen. Welcome back to Life in 2074, our weekly blog exploring the day-to-day of the future world of Incorporated. Here we take a closer look at the details of life in a corporate-controlled society as depicted in the latest episode of Incorporated.

Why be unemployed when you can be a scavenger for the Corporations? Here's what the future is like as seen in Incorporated Season 1, Episode 7: "Executables."

Scrap Reclamation Services of the Southern United States


With resources at a minimum, the humanitarian branch of the Federal Government has hired thousands of unemployed United States citizens to help in bringing back a better world. And they do it one piece of metal at a time. Patriots like you and me spend 14 hours a day searching for the very finest in used metal, plastic and glass. All found materials are donated back to the Corporations that make this country great. The work of the Scrap Reclaimers helps to build the world of tomorrow.

The 26th Amendment


Our entire way of life is entirely dependent on one thing: the 26th Amendment. When it was passed, the shackles of the corrupt and powerful US Government were put to an end as full sovereignty was granted to Corporation and Private Entities. Now, with Corporations granted full and complete rights, we can finally take our place as the leaders of the global economy.

The Program


The Program is a for-profit business designed to help people from all walks of life get over their secret addictions and illnesses. For an easy monthly payment, meetings are kept private and privileged. Despite reports of espionage, the servers containing all confidential data have not been hacked. Cope, Heal and Succeed with The Program.

Green Zone League Fighting


While underground fighting draws crowds in the Red Zone, the real show is the regulated Green Zone League. The Best of the Best comes to compete in a no-holds barred, bonded fight. Betting is handled by a non-partisan private corporation, which also moderates the rules and responsibilities of the fighters. Getting in is damn near impossible; staying in is even harder.

Inazagi Medical Donation Program


Chronic illnesses should be a thing of the past. Unfortunately, appropriate research into genetic and physical disorders remains a great barrier to work. As part of your pledge to Inazagi, you are agreeing to contributing to the Medical Donation Program. You and your offspring, in the unfortunate circumstance of injury or malady, may do your part by donating yourself to the program. The research done on you, our employee, would help to make life better for all future generations of Inazagi employees, ensuring our place at the head of the Global Theater.