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In 2074, Torture Is Legal and Getting Fired Can Get You Killed

The only thing worse than fighting in a cage might be sitting in The Quiet Room. This is the future as seen in Incorporated Episode 2.

By Bryan Enk

Hello, citizen. Welcome back to Life in 2074, our weekly blog exploring the day-to-day of the future world of Incorporated. Here we take a closer look at the details of life in a corporate-controlled society as depicted in the latest episode of Incorporated.

Incorporated Season 1, Episode 2: "Downsizing" showed us that refugee camps are even harsher environments in the future, cage fighting has gotten even more vicious and you don't ever, ever want to be sent to The Quiet Room. See below.



Following the rise of the dustbowl, the flooding of coastal cities and the outbreak of rampant diseases, Midwestern cities were inundated with refugees. Thankfully, with support from SPIGA, they were put into relocation towns where food, lodging and entertainment were provided. Wait times to leave the refugee areas and join new communities were between six months and six years.

Real Estate


A primary benefit of joining the SPIGA family is access to their deluxe SPIGA homes. Neighborhoods are built exclusively for SPIGA employees with all homes being the property of the Corporation. Please leave them in the state you received them.

The Quiet Room


SPIGA's top-secret interrogation facility remains a mystery to most employees of the company. Internal cameras are forbidden in all SPIGA facilities to protect corporate secrets … except in The Quiet Room.

Red Zone Fight Clubs


It is completely normal to want to blow off steam after a long day at the office, but SPIGA does not recommend spending time at the illicit Fight Clubs found throughout the Red Zone. However, the Corporation (in conjunction with local business people) does hold fully sanctioned league fights in the Green Zone. Tickets may be obtained via HR.

Non-Disclosure Agreements


This is a standard contract entered into by all employees of the Corporation. Upon termination of employment, all contents acquired by the employee are the sole property of the Corporation, including finances, real estate and proprietary information. All employees must voluntarily sign the agreement in order to begin employment.