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Tech of 2074 Part 1: Self Driving Cars and Vomit Guns

Let's take a look at all the wonderful toys on display in every episode of Incorporated.

By Bryan Enk

There's going to be so much cool (and not-so-cool) technology in the future. Let's take a look at all the wonderful toys on display in every episode of Incorporated.

Let's begin at the beginning. Here are all the neat-o gadgets from Incorporated Season 1, Episode 1: "Vertical Mobility."

1. Look at this. The damn bathroom mirror is a television. Can't a guy just shave his face without knowing the frickin' weather?


2. Here's a self-driving car, which, admittedly, is already kind of a thing in 2016. Does it come with a television?


3. Let's head over to SPIGA and look in on Ben's day job. Ben and Chad are working on something called Everclear, tech that will (eventually) be able to record what a person is thinking and/or dreaming (such as a, uh, teddy bear). Yeah, that's not disturbing in the least.


4. You like stalking attractive women? All you have to do is provide a photo and the Keyhole gizmo will scan the planet for your intended. Gross. It's a good thing Ben's intentions are noble ... or are they?


5. We love this thing. You pull the trigger of The Whistler and it makes people throw up. Seriously. Fun at parties and riots.


6. Just make sure you wear the earplugs or else YOU'LL be the one throwing up. And no one likes that.


Next Week: More cool stuff from 2074!