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Tech of 2074 Part 3: Body Swapping!

More wonderful toys from the future, including a ring that projects a hologram of your sister.

By Bryan Enk

Imprint Scan accepted! Welcome back to our weekly look at all the cool (and not-so-cool) future technology on display in the latest episode of Incorporated.

Here are all the neat-o gadgets on display in Incorporated Season 1, Episode 3: "Human Resources."

1. Lookit this. Now you can stand in a room and get chewed out by your boss as if he's actually there. And projected more or less to scale, at that.


2. Cramming for an exam? Let the learning tools of the future completely fry your brain. Whatever happened to Mountain Dew-fueled all-nighters?


3. Wanna feel the psychological effects of drugs, alcohol and unhealthy foods without the ravaging physical effects it has on your body? Here's a vessel to take in all that junk himself ...


... while his experience is transmitted to your brain via neural link. Gross. Just Say No, suits!


4. Spatial holograms are all the rage in the future. Here it looks like Ben is completely alone in the elevator with this unconscious woman ...


... but a mere gesture reveals the false walls within ...


... and now we see that Julian is there, too ... with a dead body! Just another day in the SPIGA elevator.


5. We love this thing. It allows you to scan someone's DNA code and inject it into another person. Body-swapping with finesse.


6. Speaking of DNA, the best way to relay secret messages to loved ones is through rings with imprint scans. More effective than Touch ID!


Next Week: More cool stuff from 2074!