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Tech of 2074 Part 5: A Whole New You!

Wanna completely change your identity? All you need is a whole lotta computers.

By Bryan Enk

False Identity accepted! Welcome back to our weekly look at all the cool (and not-so-cool) future technology on display in the latest episode of Incorporated.

Here's all the neat-o tech on display in Incorporated Season 1, Episode 5: "Profit and Loss."

1. Wanna completely change your identity? All you need is a whole lotta computers (and a cot for the occasional power nap).


2. True, there are already watches that are able to do voice recordings, but are there any yet that project the playback for the visual benefit of the person you're shaking hands with?


3. We really dig this stealth listening device. When it's not hooked up, there's a mini Dementor cloak or something floating around inside ...


... and then when it's activated, it becomes a living audio EQ ... with SPIKES.


4. Therapy has come a long way in the future, too. One second you're in the Red Zone being attacked by some dude in a hoodie ...


... and the next you're in a high-tech simulation room and that guy in the hoodie is your shrink. Mental Health 2074!


6. And finally, for all the advancements in recreational drugs and stimulants, at least some kids are still getting high the old-fashioned way.


Next Week: More cool stuff from 2074!