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Tech of 2074 Part 6: Super-Cute Drones!

Ain't they adorable? And helpful, too, when you're looking for kidnapping victims.

By Bryan Enk

Ransom demand accepted! Welcome back to our weekly look at all the cool (and not-so-cool) future technology on display in the latest episode of Incorporated.

Here's all the neat-o tech on display in Incorporated Season 1, Episode 6: "Sweating the Assets."

1. Don't throw in the towel on physical media just yet! Newspapers will still be things that you hold in your hand, though they'll be flimsy pieces of plastic with digital displays. So long, ink stains.


2. How are you feeling this morning? A little run-down? Well, simply stick your finger on the Health Monitor in your bathroom mirror ...


... and you'll immediately get your up-to-date vital signs, as well as any recommended medication, diet and/or exercise adjustments. Tip-top!


3. Wanna change your eye color but don't like the discomfort of contact lenses? These drops will do the trick. In fact, apply just one drop ...


... and it looks like you've got hepatitis! Time to hit the clubs!


4. The real tech star of this episode was Julian's drone. First, it looks like a shark tooth (if a shark were, you know, a robot) ...


... then, when activated, it looks like one of those adorable mechanical aliens from *batteries not included.


And you can keep track of its adorable stealthiness and surveillance with this thing. A must-have!


Next Week: More from 2074!