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Tech of 2074 Part 7: Sexy Cyborg Gams!

Who wants real legs when you can have awesome-looking fake ones?

By Bryan Enk

Everclear procedure complete! Welcome back to our weekly look at all the cool (and not-so-cool) future technology on display in the latest episode of Incorporated.

Here's all the neat-o tech on display in Incorporated Season 1, Episode 7: "Executables."

1. Losing a limb or two ain't so bad in 2074. Just look at the quality - and style - of these synthetic legs. Seriously, they're better than real ones.


2. Here's the guy who uses those synthetic legs. Sells 'em even more, doesn't it?


3. Okay, can we talk about Ben's new and improved Everclear program? It totally read this dude's mind (sort of, anyway) and made him give away some vital corporate intel. Scary stuff.


4. Even scarier is that Ben can remove and store part of his personality -- and the memories associated with that personality -- as a 'neural imprint' on this portable drive. Isn't this where everything started going awry in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind?


5. Meanwhile, some things completely missed the futuristic upgrade. Metal detectors are exactly the same. Hey, it's a living.


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