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Pandora and Other Boxes That Should Have NEVER Been Opened

As we wait with baited breath for the next episode of Killjoys to find out what's inside of Dutch's red box, here's a look at other boxes and doors in pop culture that should have never been opened.


We'll have to wait until tomorrow at 9/8c for the next episode of Killjoys to find out exactly what's inside of Dutch's red box but until then, here's a look at other boxes, doors and lids in pop culture that should have never been opened.


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It took six movies and STILL, nobody seemed to learn that this "good guy" was no good at all. The spirit of a serial killer inside the body of a doll - people get burned and stabbed and shot and …yeah, not pretty.

Next time leave it on the shelf and buy your kid a train set.


If you knew that this guy (pictured above), hooks, chains and hell on Earth was waiting on the other side of the box, would YOU try and crack the code? No, of course not. But that didn't stop one impulsive man who solved the puzzle of the Lemarchand box because he just HAD to. Others followed suit for eight more Hellraiser flicks and the Cenobites (Hell's residents) ran free from 1987 - 2011.

Next time, get a rubix cube. It's just as gratifying and far less dangerous.

Pandora's Box

The great-grandfather of all boxes (which was actually a jar according to some versions of events) that should have never, ever been opened harkens back to Greek Mythology. Zeus gave Pandora and her husband Epimetheus the eponymous box as a wedding gift with a CAUTION: DO NOT OPEN label but of course even in those days nobody actually took heed to instructions so what did they do? They opened the box, unleashing all the evils of the world- famine, suffering, hard labor etc. Great.

Next time, read and heed the instructions. It could save mankind a lot of heartache.

The Skeleton Key


Oh Kate, some doors really should remain unopened. Particularly those inside of spooky New Orleans plantation homes. You didn't listen and now you're body's been possessed by a spirit who wanted to slip into something a bit more comfortable - your life.

Next time, throw away the key. Literally!

Garbage Pail Kids

They're gross looking because they hail from garbage, but they're harmless. This movie on the other hand was not.

Next time, just stick to the Garbage Pail Kids stickers, they leave a much more lasting impression.


It was the Christmas gift that kept on giving and giving and multiplying again and again- you know the drill.

Next time, follow the instructions! (A recurring theme, we tell ya!) No exposure to bright lights, no water and no feedings after midnight.

Lost Girl

Bo's dad, Hades, gave her a box for her birthday and she opened said box during the season finale in June 2015. We won't know until 2016 what's inside the box, but based off her expression we're guessing it wasn't earrings inside. Watch it all unravel again, here.

Next time, listen to your aunt Zeus, Bo, and leave the box closed! Although if you hadn't opened it, we wouldn't have another season to watch. Decisions, decisions.


Every 27 years Audrey goes inside of the Barn, which really isn't a barn but roll with it, and comes out a different person with new memories and hair styles. But in her wake she also brings the Troubles, a series of supernatural abnormalities and disasters that plague the town of Haven.

Next time, don't let it all hang out and seal the Barn's exits tightly after Audrey (or whoever she is at the time) gets out safely.