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Episode Recap: Come the Rain

Isolated due to toxic Black Rain, John must stop a criminal operation, while a trapped D’avin and Dutch must face what happened between them.


Johnny is recovered enough from his fraternal stabbing last week that he can at least chill out and have a drink at Pree's. He's also healthy enough to concoct a scheme to force D'avin and Dutch to confront their issues with each other, since they haven't spoken since they had sex and then Dav tried to kill her. John has taken out a warrant on their behalf that they can work on together.

After Dutch and Dav take off, a black rain alarm goes off in Old Town, so Johnny and Pawter (and later Alvis, our favorite scarback monk) take refuge from the chemical storm inside Pree's bar. They're not alone, though, as Pree has offered safe harbor for anyone who needs it. One such person is a Company agent; a few more are thieves who are wanted by the Company. This is a recipe for a shootout, and John gets Pawter, Alvis, and Pree out of the line of fire before things go bad. And they definitely go bad! In the shootout, the lead bandit is shot in the gut, so Pawter and John have to scramble to try to save him.

Meanwhile, outside, the Company has left four death-row prisoners out to die in the rain. Capital punishment in the Quad is harsh.

Meanwhile, Dutch and Dav's warrant is a simple one: they just have to retrieve a device and bring it back to Westerley. But, TWIST, the device is this metal Jenga-tower thing, and it starts messing with Lucy's navigation systems. Turns out, the device belongs to Johnny, who rigged it so that Dutch and Dav can't get home until they truthfully answer questions about themselves, the better to patch up their relationship. It's easier said than done, especially when Dutch is asked if she trusts Dav. Neither "no" nor "yes" unlocks the device, so she and Dav try to work out their trust issues, first by dancing, and then by Dutch telling Dav to throw a knife past her at a target, only to chicken out at the last second because, as it turns out, she just can't trust Dav.

Meanwhile, patching up the bandit is proving to be difficult because it turns out the good doctor Pawter is a secret Jakk (that's a drug, team) addict, and she's got the withdrawal shakes. So Johnny and Alvis take to the tunnels below Old Town to go get her a fix. Along the way, John discovers that Alvis and the monks/rebels are far greater in number than he realized, and a confrontation with the Company is coming soon. On their way back to the bar, John and Alvis are waylaid by Company commandoes, who tell John that if he doesn't figure out a solution to the stand-off, they're going to raid Pree's, no matter how many innocent lives get lost in the crossfire.

Back at Pree's, Pawter is able to patch the bandit's internal organs. But the bigger issue is that the current bandit rabble-rouser has discovered the Company agent's distress beacon, and throws him out into the acid rain. Johnny (and Alvis) have to go retrieve him, and Johnny manages to come back with a weapon, which he uses to dispatch the bandits. Day saved!

Dutch and Dav manage to get Lucy back in their control (by, uh, breaking the Jenga machine), but their lack of trust makes D'avin think he needs to leave again. Johnny finds that unacceptable; Dav needs to make it work. And hopefully before Khlyen, or whatever this mysterious Company event that is lurking on the horizon, comes calling.

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