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Episode Recap: Enemy Khylen

The Killjoys break into a fortified space station to face Khylen, and learn a whopper of a secret in the process.


Continuing from the end of last week, Dav's off the Killjoy team because he and Dutch can't trust each other, but guess how long that lasts? About as long as it takes for Dutch and Johnny to put together a mission to take out Khlyen. John and his lady tech friend Carleen hook Dutch up to the neuro-link and project her consciousness to where Khlyen is. She sees a bowl of glowy plasma that is some cutting-edge technology, according to Carleen. But then Dutch realizes where she is: she's in the upper echelons of the RAC. Which is where Khlyen has been all along.

So, yes, Dutch convinces John to let Dav re-join the team, since it's a pretty important/dangerous/tricky mission to infiltrate the RAC's top levels, and they're going to need all the help they can get. That also includes some weaponry from Alvis, who had been bonding somewhat gingerly with Dav recently. Alvis ends up with his own problems after his Killjoy pals leave, as the unrest in Old Town is leading towards a crackdown from the Company. Local official Hills, who has usually left well enough alone with Alvis and the other monks, this time has Alvis arrested and beaten in front of his people. Things look to be on the edge of rebellion in Westerley.

To the RAC! The Killjoys' cover story is that they've come to dissolve the team, after Dutch and Dav's problems. Johnny has a bit of trouble making it through the security scans with his titanium staples in his chest (from when Dav stabbed him), but once he explains it, he's through. Up on level 35, their old friend (not really) Turin grills them particularly hard. He just doesn't trust Dutch in particular. To enhance the story, Dav confesses to having tried to kill Dutch and John, which is an offense that could get his Killjoy license revoked, at best.

Once Turin is out of the room, though, Dav uses the device that Alvis gave him to knock out power in the RAC, so that Dutch and Johnny can head out to find Khlyen. Dav still has to hang back and deal with Turin, though, who is now especially angry. He grills Dav about Dutch, who it seems to him has been protected from on high since she began, though Turin doesn't know who. He mentions that Dutch is "marked for Red 17," which freaks Dav out a little, considering the last we heard about Red 17 was from a spaceship where everyone had been killed in search of it.  

Dutch finds Khlyen, and they fight. She takes the surprise tactic of injecting herself with a poison, correctly intuiting that she is Khlyen's weak spot. She demands answers, mostly about why Khlyen made her into a killer. He doesn't tell her anything specific, just that he made her into a weapon when she might have been a victim. He clearly cares for her, but it's twisted. He kills a guard who busts in on them, which is when Dutch takes the opportunity to reveal that she faked the poison. She demands answers one more time before declining to kill Khlyen and running off.

The Jaqobis brothers make it back to Lucy, but they can't lift off while the RAC is in lockdown. That is, until Dutch shows up to override the system. She orders Lucy to leave her behind, so the boys (who are not happy about it) can make a clean getaway. Dutch returns to give herself up to Turin, but he shoots her in the leg! He wants to use her as bait for whomever her benefactor is. This plan works a bit too well, as Khlyen shoves a blade through his back and takes Dutch to safety. When she asks him one more time for answers, he gives her a doozy: "I'm level six."

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Khylen later lets her go back to D'avin and Johnny, where she reveals that Khylen is Level Six. And it's clear Dutch's search for answers is not yet over.