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Episode Recap: Escape Velocity

When Khylen kidnaps D'avin, Dutch and John's attempts to rescue him put them in the middle of a Quad-wide war.


Dutch, Johnny, and D'avin have too much to do, and time is running out. Dutch needs Johnny to have his tech friend Carleen decrypt Khlyen's files so they can figure out how to combat Level 6. At the same time, Alvis has been thrown in jail and sentenced to death for an explosion at the Leith bazaar, and Dutch tells the somewhat reluctant Jaqobis boys that they need to save him.

While the boys get intel on the myth of Level 6 from Bellus, Dutch visits Alvis, bringing him a string of prayer beads as requested, and she promises him she'll get the access codes he needs from the tunnel-dwelling revolutionaries in Old Town.

Meanwhile, Carleen's decryption of Khlyen's files gets interrupted when Khlyen shows up and murders her. Before she dies, he demands to know where the green liquid is, but of course Johnny stole that and is keeping it in his room. Khlyen heads to Old Town and takes the liquid back from Johnny's room, but before he can leave, he's confronted by Dav. It's quite the meeting between Dutch's not-boyfriend and evil father figure, which of course means they fight. Dav holds his own, but Khlyen is on another level, specifically Level 6, and he ultimately gains the upper hand.

Dutch and Johnny, meanwhile, are on Qresh, because Delle Sayeh calls in the debt Dutch owes her, and she wants Dutch to be her bodyguard (and arm candy) while the Nine votes on whether to rescind the promise of Leith land to Westerleyns. While there, Dutch spots the genetic bomb that she and the boys encountered on Leith. Before they can do anything about it, Delle Sayeh sets off the bomb, vaporizing all her rival families, and committing a coup among the Nine.

Dutch and Johnny need to get away, but Dutch first tangles with the guy who brought the bomb, whose imperviousness to her attacks is explained by the fact that he's Level 6. Johnny makes the save, and he and Dutch head back to Westerley. They're aboard Lucy when they learn that Alvis and the rebels are being blamed for the attack on the Nine, and in retaliation, the Company is sending bombers towards Old Town.

There's very little time to get everyone in Old Town to safety. Dutch and Johnny take Pree and everyone who can fit onto Lucy, while Alvis (who managed to free himself, with the help of those prayer beads … that turn out to be bullets) and Pawter lead the rebels to the underground tunnels. Who's missing? Dav. Dutch doesn't want to leave him behind, but there's no time; Johnny says that have to trust that Dav will save himself.

The last thing we see is Dav at a Red-17 hospital. In the bed next to him, Fancy Lee is hooked up to medical devices, perhaps being biologically modified into a Level 6. When Dav makes it to the outside, he's floored by the realization that he's no longer on Westerley … or Leith … or Qresh. Welcome to the blasted-out remains of Arkyn. See you next season!

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