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Episode Recap: Kiss Kiss, Bye Bye

The quest for D'avin's missing memories results in a confrontation that will change the team – and potentially kill them (or, at minimum, maim them).


 Johnny and D'avin are both dedicated to helping Dutch break free of Khlyen's clutches, and they're futzing around with the neural link implant to see if they can get some clues as to Khlyen's whereabouts. But while Dav and Dutch go target-hunting to blow off steam (and flirt with each other), Johnny decides to test the neural link on himself. That's a bad idea, and he eventually needs Dr. Pawter Simms to extract it for him. Unfortunately, she breaks the device in the process. Cut her a break, though; she was in jail all night, and Dav's trying to break up with her.

While they may not have any leads on Khlyen, the Killjoys do get a lead on Dav's mysterious Dr. Jaeger. They track down the last known patient of hers, Grayson, who's currently in a Westerley mental institution. He doesn't remember much, but he remembers Jaeger, and he wants to help them track her down. So it's off to Utopia, an orbiting glimmer cube that's some kind of nightclub/tech bazaar/drug haven. Johnny's in tech heaven, but Dutch – and especially Dav— feel less at home. Which is why they take swigs off a 10-minute euphoria drug and then start making out!

They get a lead on Jaeger via one of her old assistants, but before they can check it out, Dutch gets collared by Company authorities for illegally abducting Grayson. It turns out, the arrest was arranged by Delle Sayeh of the Nine. She wants to barter for Dutch's freedom in exchange for Dutch owing her a favor in the future, but Dutch goes her one better and demands the location of Dr. Jaeger and time alone with her.

Dutch and the boys find Jaeger at a Company black site, and thanks to Delle Sayeh's intervention, Jaeger's security is nowhere to be found. Dav demands answers; Jaeger tells him that she wiped his memory after he killed his unit, but that he killed his unit on his own, thanks to a psychotic break. Dav wants Jaeger to restore all his memories, but Dutch basically orders him to take some time to think it over. He does, and he and Dutch have a heart-to-heart, where she comes clean about her past as a child assassin. After achieving this newfound closeness, the two have sex.

Johnny heads back to Lucy and spots Dav and Dutch in the bedroom, so he doubles back and drowns his complicated feelings at Pree's bar. Meanwhile, Jaeger and her cronies activate some kind of programming in Dav that cause him to flip out and try to kill Dutch. She manages to fight back, but it's a brutal and scary attack. After she knocks him out, she chains him up, but he's still programmed when Johnny returns to the ship. While Dutch goes off to confront Jaeger, Johnny tries to get through to his brother. It seems like it's working … and then Dav stabs John right in the gut.

Meanwhile, Dutch gets answers out of Jaeger: the program she subjected Dav to was designed by the Company to get soldiers to kill their own units. Why, she does not say, but she does say that something bad is coming to the Quad. Dutch breaks free of the energy-field box Jaeger traps her in, and she gets the bad doctor at gunpoint. She can either wipe her own memory (so she can't victimize Dav anymore) or she can die. Jaeger chooses death, but Dutch overrules her and has her assistant wipe her memory.

Meanwhile, Lucy sends out a distress call to help John, and Dr. Pawter is the one who answers it. She scrambles to save Johnny, which includes calling out for emergency medical assistance from the Company. When they refuse, she identifies herself as "Eleanor Sayeh Simms." Looks like someone's secretly high-born.  Pawter ends up saving Johnny's life, and later she and Dutch and Pree gather around him as he recuperates.

Not Dav, though. Not yet. He's feeling incredibly guilty for his actions, even though everyone assures him it wasn't his fault. Even Dutch knows that, but she can't forget it either.

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