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Episode Recap: One Blood

Dutch must compete against top Killjoys to find an elusive fugitive or her teammates will die. Plus: John and D’Avin face an old foe.


Rather than put her team in danger, Dutch agrees to do what Khlyen asks of her, even if he's not terribly forthcoming with answers when she asks why. All he tells her is that he's planted poison gas on a platter a few tables over, and she has to retrieve the package the courier at the table is carrying before they all die. Just another assignment for Dutch.

Back on the ship, our Killjoys get a black warrant. D'avin is still new, so he needs some clarification: a black warrant is a competitive warrant, which means all the top Killjoys gather, get the assignment at the same time, and then compete to see who gets it first. Among the gathered Killjoys is Fancy Lee, who we last saw trying to cash in on the kill warrant on Dav in episode 1.  The assignment is to apprehend a thief who has stolen a Company ship, only the thief is Big Joe, a former Killjoy. Keeping it in the family this week.

At the same time, Dutch gets a call from Khlyen — he wants whatever cargo was in the ship that Big Joe stole, so she's going to have to slip away from her team and go on her own. And just so Dutch won't have a moment's peace, Khlyen injects her with a neuro-link that will connect their consciences.

Dutch tracks Big Joe and his stolen ship to Leith, where we see that she and Joe are old friends. She has no interest in harming him, or even in arresting him; but she does need the device that was on the ship. Big Joe doesn't even know what the thing does; he just wanted to thumb his nose at The Company and the RAC, neither of which treat their old employees well. Before Dutch and Joe can settle things, they're both ambushed by a clan of native Leithians, who have their own beef with the Quad for giving their land away to migrating Westerlyns, and they think Dutch is there doing the Company's dirty work.

Meanwhile, back in Old Town, Dr. Sims is trying to track down that doctor that Dav is looking for, and she manages to get Company official Hills Oonan drunk enough that she can use his identity to break into the Company databases. Later, Hills busts her and demands to know who Doctor Jeager is, but she's not talking.

Back on Leith, Dutch and Joe are tied up in a barn when the cavalry comes, in the form of John, Dav, and a ride-hitching Fancy Lee, who has all sorts of cool gadgets, from tracking devices to homing darts. While they try to rush the barn, however, the Leithians inside get spooked, and one of them tries to use the mysterious weapon. Bad idea. Turns out it's a genetic bomb, and it turns everybody with a genetic connection to the guy who got blood on it to ashes. Bad news for the Leith clan. Worse news for everybody else when the Company gets its hands on this weapon.

Dutch and the Killjoys bring Joe back to Old Town, hoping to be able to barter with the weapon for Joe's freedom. But the Company doesn't do business that way, and when they up the warrant on Joe to a level 5, Joe knows it's over. He begs Dutch to kill him and make it quick, but it's actually Fancy, that old opportunist, who gets the kill.

After trying, and failing, to kill Khlyen on their next meeting (the guy's impervious to stabs somehow), Dutch comes clean to the boys about what's been going on. She's going to need their help if she's going to kill Khlyen and get out from under his thumb.

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