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Episode Recap: The Sugar Point Run

The Killjoys must take on the gun-wielding 99% as they attempt to rescue a kidnapped heiress.


So in the aftermath of last week's events, D'avin is still hanging around on Lucy (which is the name of Dutch and Johnny's ship, not a person, thank goodness), even though Dutch doesn't want him there. Johnny just wants Dav to get a job or something. Set down some roots and stay a while. Unfortunately, Dav doesn't want to get a job, but he can't leave the ship because he has no papers, so nobody's happy.

Dutch and Johnny get a warrant from the mayor herself, whose daughter has been kidnapped by Westerley warlord Ryo, who is demanding the return of her brother, Simon. Dutch and Johnny have to make the exchange, and they're bringing Dav along, because this mission is taking them to Sugar Hill, and Sugar Hill is a bombed-out, lawless hellscape full of warlords and scavengers and other mean things, and they'll need all the help they can get. Their passenger, Simon, seems rather skittish for the trip and asks to be un-harnessed because it makes him throw up. And throw up he does!

Things get off to a rocky start in Sugar Hill, as Lucy gets shot by a ground rocket and Johnny's forced to crash land in a part of the city controlled by Scavengers. While he hangs back to fix the ship, Dutch and Dav have to chase after Simon, who, surprise, escaped after Johnny let him detach his restraints. As they chase after Simon, the landscape of Sugar Hill is explained somewhat. There was a rebellion there, and The Company responded by firebombing it until barely anything was left. They catch up with Simon, who tells them he's afraid of his sister; she's going to cut him open when they return him to her. Then all three of them get attacked by Scavengers.

In captivity, it becomes clear what Simon was talking about, as the Scavengers attempt to cut into Simon's abdomen. Dutch escapes her restraints (by POPPING her SHOULDER out) and chases the Scavengers off. It's too late for Simon, but she's able to retrieve some kind of orb he was smuggling inside him (known as a smuggler's nut), which they can trade to Ryo. Dav's less enthusiastic about making a trade, since he finds out they'll be essentially giving launch codes to Ryo to fire a terrible weapon at something. Dutch is all business though. And Dutch, meanwhile, keeps having flashbacks to her childhood when Khlyen was training her to be an adorable little child assassin. We still don't know what the red box she got at the end of last week's episode means, but she probably has to kill someone.

After a tense stand-off with Ryo, there's a shootout between Ryo's people and the Scavengers. Dutch and Dav get the mayor's daughter and split. They make it to the roof, where Dav attempts to disarm the missile that Ryo plans to fire at Old Town. Ryo's people catch up to them, and it looks pretty grim, until Johnny shows up flying a repaired Lucy, and everybody gets away. D'avin even managed to sabotage the missile so it would explode on whomever tried to fire it. So bad news for Ryo.

After everybody gets back home, Dav reveals that helping save the mayor's daughter got him some papers, so he can freely move throughout the Quad. Looks like it's time for him to go -- maybe seek out that doctor he told Dutch he's been tracking down. Or, Dutch suggests, he could become a killjoy and join her and Johnny. Sounds like a TV show!

Finally, Dutch carries out her red-box order, tracking down a man we haven't seen before. But rather than kill him, she wants answers: why does Khlyen want him dead?

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