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Killjoys Creator Michelle Lovretta Speaks on the Cast and Ordinary Life in Space

The Killjoys creator shares thoughts on her power trio: Dutch, D'avin and Johnny.


Michelle Lovretta, creator of Killjoys (and Lost Girl, FYI) creator, recently shared her thoughts with our sister site Blastr on the show and its trio of high flying, ass kicking bounty hunters:

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On Dutch: I did lean a little on the stereotypical "she's sexy and everyone loves her with Dutch." But now I would describe her as respected and strong and intensely loyal. She has lost some of the more overt coquettish things. She's a leader, and what I really adore about the dynamic is that she's a genuine leader.

On D'avin: With Luke, I saw his audition and immediately forwarded it to my writers, saying, "Holy sh**, that's the D'Vin-est D'Vin that ever D'Vin-ed!"

On Johnny: Aaron on and off camera is a lovely dude. Funny and good to be around. What's great to me is that, because it's a larger role, he shines here even more than he has in the past.

On the look of the show: It's a challenge, but it's why I constructed the show, which was, rather than getting on a ship and going to new places like Star Trek, I said, why don't we have a ship in a more contained environment so what you lose in novelty you gain in familiarity and relationships in communities?

Get more on Michelle's love of sci-fi and the story behind Killjoys in her full interview here at