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10 Questions We Have for Killjoys Season 3

“Is Khlyen really dead? As in dead, dead?”, and other questions we have for Season 3.


So, Killjoys got renewed for a Season 3 (yay!) and now that we can properly manage expectations, here’s a few questions we hope to get answers to when he show returns in 2017.

1. Khlyen doesn’t strike us as the type of dude who actually dies. So, is he dead, as in regular people dead in not EVER coming back to life?


2. And speaking of dying, we kinda wish Johnny would have stayed behind and checked Delle Seyah’s pulse before he made off ‘cause she had a smile on her face that could have either: (A) signaled the sweet release of death or (B) signaled, “I’m down but not out, bitches!”

3. And speaking even more of death - so Sabine’s body was dragged away by some Black Root types. Did they donate her body to some other form of weird science or is there some type of cryogenic Level Six stasis that she’s currently in?
Missing media item.

Side note: It’s not that we’re obsessed with death, per se, but maybe just a little bit obsessed with the above characters and are kinda hoping that they’ll make a come back some how in Season 3. Damnit, we just can’t quit them!

4. With Aneela on the loose wearing the same face and accent as Dutch, how will the team be able to tell them a part? #faceoff

5. So, now that Johnny has ridden off into the galaxy with half machine, half woman, Clara, will they find comfort in each other’s arms or are they gonna keep things strictly platonic?

6. Now that Dutch has found out that she can count on D’avin when it counts, might these two be rekindling their romance or will Alvis and the Brotherhood be praying against that?

7. With Johnny on the lamb, will Fancy Lee become the unofficial third member of the trio?

8. Will we get to learn more about The Black Root? Specifically, we’d like to see their headquarters and figure out who’s in charge (Khlyen isn’t, apparently). Also, are their all white outfits supposed to be ironic?  

9. Jelco! Now that you helped D’avin nuke the Level Six plasma, you gots some ‘splainin to do. When the Company comes knocking, how are you gonna weasel your way out of this one?

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10. So, exactly why is D'avin immune to the Level Six plasma and how is he able to be a Level Six whisperer? We met papa Jacobi this season and, meh, so perhaps the key is D'avin's mother?! Hmmm...


Bonus: This isn’t so much of a question as it is a plea to see MORE of Pree’s makeup next Season! #slay



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