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Episode Recap: Dutch and the Real Girl

Dutch and Johnny attempt a dangerous rescue of D’avin, who witnesses a whopper of a surprise.


Picking up where we left off last season, D'avin is still being held on Arkyn and experimented on by Khlyen, a Level 6 – a Killjoy level nobody even knew existed! Dutch and Johnny (along with Pree, who fled Old Town with them) are aboard Lucy, trying to find him and they're losing hope.

They need help getting past the defense shields on Arkyn, so Bellus points them towards the Connaver clan, a band of thieves who possessed a device that could pass through the shield. So our killjoys are off to criminal barter town Eulogy, where Johnny and Pree play like hardened criminals (and bickering husbands) while Dutch finds the shield. Which she does, only it's inside the person of a mechanically modified woman, Clara, being held prisoner by the Connavers. Like an intergalactic Thelma and Louise, Dutch and Clara help each other escape to Lucy.

Aboard the ship, Johnny explains to Dutch that Clara's modifications mean that she helps ship pass through the Arkyn shields by absorbing radiation and it's slowly killing her. Clara overhears the conversation, and after observing that Khlyen is to Dutch what the Connavers are to her, she is determined to help the team.

Meanwhile, on Arkyn, Dav keeps having these dreams/hallucinations. First it's that Dutch and Johnny have come to rescue him. A lot of times he's seeing the violence and aftermath of deadly conflicts on Arkyn, many including people who bleed green (a sign of Level 6). After Dav ultimately breaks free of these hallucinations, the scientists marvel that he's actually resisting the Level 6 modification, which has never happened before. Khlyen is in disbelief, but when Dav fights back, Khlyen kills the scientists and helps Dav escape. Why? He says he wanted to turn Dav into Level 6 so he could send him back to Dutch to protect her. From what? He doesn't say.

When Dutch and Johnny show up to rescue Dav, he lies to Dutch that Khlyen has already left. In reality, Khlyen allows himself to be taken, so that D'avin can escape, by a group called the Black Root.

Back on the ship, Johnny and Dutch say goodbye to Clara, despite the fact that everyone (especially Lucy) is very fond of her. Then Dav tells Dutch the truth about Khlyen and that he thinks he might actually be trying to protect her. Also? Dav ponders, what if there's a level above 6? He also tells Dutch that he saw her in one of his dreams — which Khlyen had explained to him were actually very old memories. She was killing people on Arkyn, despite having claimed she's never been on Arkyn before. Or maybe she just doesn't remember?

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