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Episode Recap: Full Metal Monk

New clues from Khlyen lead to a crossroads for Dutch, while Johnny and Pawter try to prevent an all-out war.


Johnny has been locked up by the Company in an electrified cage that looks like one of the last remnants of disco. When Dutch finds him, she isn't too pleased to learn that he's teamed up with Pawter behind her back. Meanwhile, D'avin and Turin are in Old Town on the hunt for Hoolian Ducat, a Six with a Dickensian name and a right hook like a battering ram. Hoolian gets his arms around D'avin's throat, and somehow, someway, D'avin is able to use psychic powers to make Hoolian's head blow up in pretty green colors. It's pretty rad.

Pawter comes to Johnny's rescue and forces Jelco to set the prisoner free. And after they take off, Jelco gets direct orders from Delle Seyah to initiate the wall protocol: the meddling killjoys want to know what the wall does? She's going to show them. Dutch and D'avin travel to Leith to interview Olin (the one who's got all of Khylen's memories imprinted on his brain). The teen is not doing well, and he tried to "assassinate" his brother as if he were killing a Six. When Dutch asks Olin about the Aneela character she's been tasked to kill, he's sent into wild, freak out mode. After he calms down, Olin inscribes a map of Arkyn on the wall of his cell, complete with rivers and plague and such. That's where they must go.

When Dutch, Alvis and D'avin arrive on Arkyn, they immediately see one of Khylen's safe houses — those metallic Rubik's cubes cropping up everywhere. But this one's different, and acts as an elevator that plunges them deep under the surface of the planet. As they go snooping around an underground laboratory, they find the remains of test subjects pumped full of the same green plasma the army used to test on D'avin. Alvis comes upon an ancient monk, one of the fabled twelve who traveled to Arkyn to defeat a formidable devil. This one is imprisoned behind a force field, pretty similar to the one in Old Town — just on a smaller scale. When Dutch lets it down, the monk runs away from her, thinking she's the nefarious Aneela, or "Devil!"

Back in Old Town, Pawter and Johnny are busy getting a little tipsy and playing house, when Arune — Pawter's ally on the council— arrives looking for some cold hard evidence. Pawter and Johnny know for a fact that the Company plans on infecting Old Town's food supply with poison…they just don't have any of it yet. But what if it's more than just the food? And what if the infection has already begun? On Arkyn, the team have finally restrained the monk and proceed to ask him questions about Aneela's whereabouts. Dutch shows the monk a picture of Khylen to hopefully jog his memory, and the monk responds that Aneela called Khylen her father. Mic. Drop.

In Old Town, Jelco surprises Pawter, Johnny and Arune at their hideout, and catches them up to speed on the wall protocol. Basically, the place is being pumped full of happy feelings that renders all the inhabitants loopy and giggly, and utterly defenseless — this includes Pawter and Johnny. To prove his point, Jelco shoots Arune in the gut and frames Pawter for the murder.

Back on Lucy, D'avin runs some tests on the wall they found on Arkyn. Turns out it's the same one that's been built in Old Town, and it exerts a kind of behavioral influence over all those enclosed in it. Basically, it makes people less afraid, and more happy — a.k.a. how Pawter and Johnny were feeling. Except now everyone in Old Town has been hypnotized by the wall's power, and fallen prey to its forces.  

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