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Episode Recap: Heart-Shaped Box

As the truth about Level Sixers is exposed, Johnny makes a choice that could impact his future with the team.


Sabine is looking pretty damn dead, and, understandably freaked out, D'avin splits. Typical morning-after behavior, atypical morning after. In fact, he's off to look for Johnny, who's getting intel about the wall around Old Town from a former Company employee Ms. Semback. Johnny triages Sabine, and it's official: she's not dead. But she is a Level Six. This comes as pleasant news to Dutch who's always wanted a Six in her clutches. Turns out, this particular one had a weird reaction after all that green plasma shot out of her system when she and D'avin were getting freaky.    

When Sabine comes to, Dutch wastes no time in torturing her for answers, the most shocking of which is that Khlyen sent this particular Level Six to protect D'avin…from Dutch herself. At this point Dutch goes a little crazy with the torture stuff, and D'avin suggests that they retain the services of a Level Six expert — Turin — rather than a jealous killjoy with a hand buzzer. Turin's interrogator Phil is put to the test with Sabine, as he tries to extract answers from her using a lie detector that goes over her eyes. He fails miserably when Sabine uses her expert fighting abilities to disentangle herself from her restraints and strangle Phil.  

Well, it's all for the better, because Phil was actually a Six himself and was trying to kill Sabine before she could spill any more beans. It didn't work. Back on Lucy, D'avin finds Sabine still bleeding from the fight — she hasn't healed yet — meaning maybe she's becoming less Six-y. Additionally, Johnny evaluates some test samples of the Six that Sabine killed, and it shows a brain that's been devoid of all human emotion. Sabine's brain is starting to regress back to its initial Six state, as the plasma inside her begins to rematerialize.

Dutch is ready to kill Sabine right now, before she turns psycho again. But Sabine has an alternate plan: keep her alive, and use her to identify other Sixes. How? She's going to give D'avin a dab of the green stuff, which allows him to link into the Sixes rolodex. Oh, and they're also half-naked in a pool while holding hands. When D'avin lands on a Six, it sends the two of them into a seizure, and then transports their minds to a forest where sits a reflective cube. D'avin has to stop before he fries his brain, but Johnny recorded enough information to identify a truckload of Sixes. Or so Sabine says. Dutch is unconvinced, and tags Johnny to go with her to validate these so-called Sixes, many of whom are residing in Old Town.

Johnny and Dutch do end up identify a ton of Sixes in Old Town, and before packing it up and heading back to Lucy, they split up to conclude their respective unfinished business. Dutch snoops around Sabine's pad, and Johnny finally gets some answers from Miss Semback after threatening to invoke a newly issued warrant for her arrest. At the expense of her family's safety, she tells him where the controls are for the wall: in Jelco's office in Spring Hill. Dutch is given the drop by Black Root lieutenant looking for Sabine, who, so says the lieutenant, is one of them and has been tasked with killing Dutch's entire team once they find Khylen. That's all the info Dutch needs, and she proceeds to smoke the Black Root agent with a Dreadnaught to the head, the only device that can kill a Level Six.  

Back on Lucy, D'avin lets Dutch know that he has let Sabine go. What?! Wait. He let her go, but not before he put a tracking device on her. Not great, but better. And Johnny gets himself into his own scrape when he attempts to break into Spring Hill and is tranquilized and detained by security.

Meanwhile, Dutch tracks down Sabine in the middle of that wintery forest she and D'avin transported to before. Only Sabine's there to hunt down Khylen, whom she believes is hiding out in one of his strategically placed safe houses. Having been pinned to the ground, Sabine tells Dutch that Khylen was preparing her for something special, something extraordinary. But what exactly, she's not sure, because Khylen erased his memories of Dutch to protect her. Well, story time is over, and Dutch shoots Sabine right in the noggin, ending what could have been a ruthless, bloody trail of killjoy killing spree. Her foe dead, Dutch explores Khylen's safe house, and finds in it a red box. It's got the name Aneela written on it. Could this be the other Dutch that D'avin saw on Arkyn?

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