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Episode Recap: I Love Lucy

The search for Khylen forces Dutch to face some ugly truths of her past.


Back on Westerley, the killjoys are hard at work investigating the plasma extracted from Johnny's human-eating centipede, Mossie. Turns out D'avin and the plasma get along really well, so much so that he can mind-control it. That is before he neural links with the insect in one awkward mind swap. If the team is going to get to the bottom of that goo, they're going to need a pure sample — plasma that hasn't been inside either D'avin or a creepy crawly.

Pree gives Dutch a lead that might help her procure some of the green plasma: a traveling buyer / seller by the name of Sam Romwell has been peddling stuff called "green magic" that purportedly has some telekinetic qualities about it. The killjoys set a course for an asteroid wherein is parked Romwell's ship, and are prepared to offer him a sweet trade for his finest slime. Turns out, the only thing that Romwell wants is the thing Johnny is least willing to part with: Mossie.

Or at least what's inside Mossie. Romwell tricks the killjoys by extracting some of Mossie's plasma and giving it back to them, while keeping the half of Mossie he bargained for. And when Dutch threatens (at gun point) to invoke Romwell's many arrest warrants, Romwell's android security personnel get feisty right back and whip out their firearms. Turns out the whole trade was just a ploy so that Romwell could get control of Dutch's musical instrument…and the story behind it.

Romwell uses his latest acquisition — a device for sharing visual memories — to experience Dutch's story from her point of view. Dutch tells of how she came by the instrument as a young girl, and Romwell discusses how visitors to his home planet brought with them the much-coveted slime. While those two use their inside voices, D'avin and Johnny manage to narrowly escape the steely clutches of the androids by having Lucy hack into their very advanced tech. Fringe benefit: Lucy now kind of has a body.

What Romwell doesn't know when he strums Dutch's instrument is that its strings are laced with a paralyzing poison, leaving him vulnerable to Dutch's sneak attack: a cithara string to the throat! Thinking she's free of Romwell, Dutch moves to his collection chamber in search of the plasma. But Romwell won't be killed off that easily, and the two do battle. Turns out Romwell can't really die, thanks to being endowed with special invincibility powers by the same visitors who brought the viscous goo.  

D'avin uses some of the same goo, combined with an energy-dense rock found on the asteroid Romwell calls home, to make a bomb that will blast an escape route for Lucy. And before it detonates his entire ship, Dutch brings Romwell onto her ship as an olive branch.

To return the favor, Romwell gives Dutch an extra vial of the plasma and hips her to some potentially big news: the same invaders that came to Romwell's home planet are destined for the Quad…and who knows what they'll do to it.  

To celebrate surviving his brush with death at the hands of the fembots, D'avin goes to visit his gal pal, Sabine. Things are going great until... while Sabine and D’avin are getting it on green goo is getting out. As in, Sabine starts convulsing and green goo starts pouring out of every orifice of her body. So, looks like Sabine is a Level 6. But is she dead? 

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