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Episode Recap: Johnny Be Good

When the Killjoys try to liberate Old Town, Dutch finds herself put on trial by an angry mob.


Dutch and D'avin are doing the rounds at the Royale when they find that Old Town patrons are dropping like flies. There's something in the food they're eating that's making them keel over. Dutch runs into Johnny and Pawter, still in the blissful thrall of the wall, and stuns them so she can transport them back safely onto Lucy.  Once on board, the killjoys bring the two love birds out of their stupor, and prepare to take down the wall's power source...back inside Spring Hill.

When the team breaks in, they find that the entire compound has been abandoned. Crickets. That would make the killjoys' plan simple, if only some really impenetrable coding even Johnny struggles to bust through didn't protect all the computer generators powering the wall. Apparently Spring Hill's system is getting handed over to a new owner. But who?

Doesn't matter at the moment. What does matter is turning off the neural pulses to release the Old Towners from the wall's mind grip. When Pawter attempts to do this through Jelco's desk controls, she accidentally triggers a security alarm that cues a hologram of Jelco to appear, and subsequently call in the troops. Dutch moves to keep the security forces at bay as Pawter tries again to hack the system. Meanwhile, Johnny uploads Lucy, who's able to pull a fast one over on Spring Hill's operating system, to the mainframe, which allows Johnny to override it.

When Pawter gains access, she lowers all the mind control levels to zero, and then gets on the intercom to warn Old Town of the dangers lurking in the provisions they're eating. But Old Town is just the beginning, as Delle Seyah (who pays Pawter a holo-visit as well) warns: this genocide will continue all through Westerley. So Pawter snaps quickly into action, and inspires the citizens of Old Town to dismantle the wall themselves. Unfortunately, when they hurl themselves at the wall they are in turn electrocuted, but maybe that's the price for freedom.   

Dutch finds Jelco in a room devoted to storing the green plasma that turns people into Level Sixes, and sticks a gun to his head forcing him to talk. And talk he does: there's more green plasma, Jelco tells Dutch, and they'll need to keep him alive if she wants to find it. D'avin comes to her aid, and the two of them escort Jelco out. But not before Herin and his band of Old Towner rebels intercepts the three of them. Dutch orders D'avin to take Jelco to safety, and she gives herself up to Herin and his team. They aren't kind to her.

While Herin and company try to get Dutch to spill the whereabouts of Jelco, D'avin and he are out acquiring a missile with enough fire power to blow up Spring Hill and put an end to the Company's nefarious plot. When Herin learns from Dutch of what's really going on, he plans to scapegoat her and let the angry mob of Old Towners watch her hang. But not before Delle Seyah enters the picture, ready to negotiate for Westerley's independence. Considerate? Yes. Out of character? Double yes.

The Company can't build any more walls in Westerley after the video Pawter streamed of Old Towners hurling themselves to their deaths went viral. So Delle Seyah is willing to cease the project, just as long as Pawter gives up all her claim and title on the Board. She accepts, and she and Delle Seyah make their agreement official through a blood oath. Delle Seyah takes the oath one step too far, and uses the same knife to stab Pawter in the belly, and orders her men — all Level Sixes — to kill the rest of the gang. A melee ensues, and the killjoys escape within an inch of their lives to take refuge back on Lucy. But there's a plus one on board they didn't invite: Fancy Lee.

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