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Episode Recap: Schooled

The Killjoys' mission to transport a group of students brings them face to face with an old enemy.


Just when you thought the sexual tension between D'avin and Dutch couldn't get any tenser, they're sweaty and sparring onboard Lucy when Turin is patched into the intercom. And he's got interruption-worthy news. Apparently Khylen's last transmission from Red 17 was sent out to a prodigy school for gifted youngsters — and he wants D'avin and Dutch to scope out what's going on there. So he gets them temp jobs as escorts, taking the kids safely to the compound.   

Dutch and D'avin swing by Pree's place while tracking down a warrant on one of the kids Khylen's got his sights on. Pree's got nothing, but the new bartender Sabine directs them to the East Tenements. There, they find and apprehend Jake, looking to reunite with his brother Olin who was also taken to Prodigy. Meanwhile, Johnny is tracking down Pawter in the Salt Plains, and when he finds her she's arm wrestling for her freedom.

After a narrow escape, and when the two are at a safe distance, Pawter tells Johnny all about how the Company plans to build walls around every town in Westerly, just like the one in Old Town. Johnny agrees to help Pawter spread the word about the nefarious plan.

When the killjoys arrive at Prodigy, they're surprised at how many other kids are there: none.  After splitting up to cover more ground, Johnny and Dutch get dropped in on by Delle Seyah — of course! — who's behind the whole Prodigy scam. Turns out she's been unlawfully neuro-feeding the kids, turning them into valuable super-kids (the ones that don't complain). So you can imagine her surprise when the killjoys inform her all the cryo-pod cradles she kept her baby Einsteins in are empty. Only biochemical traces of their bodies remain…

The only other person who's been entrusted with overseeing the kids is Malta Chambers, a loyal employee of the Company for 18 years. Not the usual suspect. She finally appears skulking down the halls, and Delle Seyah sends her henchman after her. But the poor fellow meets an electrifying fate. Malta, the presumed child-killer, takes this opportunity to make the killjoys a proposition: either they take Delle Seyah to Level 9 of the compound for a one-on-one meeting, or she's going to squeal about the whole ordeal.

Dutch forces Delle Seyah to do as Chambers requests, but Chambers has everyone fooled and sends a hologram of herself in as bait instead. Meanwhile, Lucy is being hacked by Prodigy's system, and the kids in D'avin's care are being led astray by mysterious announcements. Pawter takes this time of utter confusion to perform some more testing on the genetic goo left behind by the liquefied children: turns out Chambers is dead — her DNA was even mixed into the soup — and one of the kids…isn't. That's Olin…Jake's brother.

Olin's the mastermind behind this whole takeover plot, and he uses his newly learned hacking skills to hijack Lucy and fly her far away. Oh, and to suck out all the oxygen from the Prodigy. It could be her lightheadedness that induces Delle Seyah into letting loose about the Prodigy program, how it was meant to be a satellite seed bank for all Qareshi knowledge and all. Oh snap!

D'avin and Pawter put the living kids in the cryopods for oxygen safekeeping, even though it was in fact a malfunction that caused the pods to self-destruct, and fry the kids inside. Funny coincidence: the surge that caused the malfunction happened simultaneously with Khylen's Red 17 transmission. And it's more than possible that whatever was on that transmission got stamped right onto Olin's brain — which is probably why he's acting like a jackass.

Johnny and Jake confront Olin, ready to blow up Lucy entirely, in an effort to stop him from acting the fool. Johnny calls Olin out for being such a bad brother, but reminds him that he has an opportunity to redeem himself and make a better impression. That's because he only used a hologram of Jake to teach Olin a lesson about not being an idiot. When Lucy is back in safe hands, the killjoys transport Olin and Jake to a safe haven, where hopefully Olin's memory can get dumped. And in some far off place…could it be…is Khylen waking up inside a cryochamber and killing everyone in sight?

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