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Episode Recap: Shaft

The Killjoys must deal with killer bugs and green slime in their quest to expose Khylen. Plus: Pawter plays dirty.


After a flash-forward scene where Dutch confronts Khlyen in some sort of a cave, we're back with Turin, who tells the Killjoys about a group of fellow bounty hunters who followed a salvage warrant and were never heard from again. Or more accurately, they sent a distress signal, which was ignored by Khlyen, and then they were never heard from again. So Dutch, Johnny, Dav, and Alvis head after this disappeared band of Killjoys, with Dav repeatedly complaining about Alvis' presence.

Meanwhile, Pawter is still being held in the gilded cage of Spring Hill. She has to put up with Jelco awkwardly flirting with her, and she can't make a run for it, because she's got an ankle bracelet set to explode if she does. She's still in contact with Johnny via her comm link, though. She tells him she's going to try to get some good done while she's there in Spring Hill. She communicates with her father, though it sounds like it's going to be tough to get her mother to help out Old Town. Jelco interrupts their father-daughter chat to inform Pawter that he needs her help. The tyrant has a heart (who knew?) ailment, which needs to be operated on. During the during surgery Pawter stages a distraction and escapes. She's also able to steal some of the Company's plans for walling in various cities. When Jelco comes to Pawter delivers the news – she used his DNA to unlock the ankle bracelet around her leg and placed it around his heart. So, we're guessing Jelco won't be leaving Spring Hill anytime soon. Just as Pawter sashays off and we prepared to cheer because it looks like she just won the episode, she's clobbered over the head by a hooded figure. Oh, dear.

Meanwhile, the Killjoys find one of their targets. Or at least one of them: a woman named Tania. After Dutch gets her to trust them, Tania takes them into the underground mines, where she says her husband, Paulo, went crazy and tried to kill her and her sister, Deena. This mine is plenty creepy with moss overgrown everywhere, and strange markings on the walls and ground. Alvis recognizes them as monk writings. Tania says that the salvage warrant was for a monk, in fact.

Tania starts (continues) to go a little crazy. She keeps seeing Paulo everywhere and chasing him. She shoots at the walls and causes a rockslide that traps Johnny on Lucy. Dutch chases after her, only to find that Tania has fallen into a pit and is being eaten by the moss. Because, yes, the moss are really moss-covered centipedes who secrete hallucinatory venon. Which is why Dutch, who's secretly been bit, hallucinates seeing Khlyen and Khlyen cutting her stomach and showing her that he's already made her a Level 6. Thankfully, her friends are able to pull her out of it before she cuts herself too deeply.

Later, Alvis tells Dutch what he found in the mine: a cryptic message about his fellow Scarbacks: "12 monks went to Arkyn to find the devil. One came back." Which fits with Dav's vision of seeing Scarbacks fighting with the Level Sixes on Arkyn. Then Alvis and Dutch almost kiss, and it's crazy hot but then Lucy interrupts them. Boo. Later, Alvis heads to Leith to learn more about what the cryptic message might mean and how it all relates to Arkyn.

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