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Episode Recap: Wild, Wild Westerley

The Killjoys attempt a dangerous infiltration of Old Town to rescue their friends.


Dutch, Johnny, and Dav head back to the RAC in order to get Dav reinstated and also so they can pick up a warrant that'll get them access to the walled-off Old Town. Waiting for them at the RAC is their old enemy Turin, who it turns out is not dead. He's not Level 6 either; he's just still recovering from almost being stabbed to death. He's grumpy about helping Dutch and her crew, but he does set them up with a warrant to return 8 escaped prisoners to Westerley.

The Killjoys make it to the walls around Old Town but are captured by Company official Jelco, who's running the Spring Hill biosphere. Jelco is the one who took out the warrant, and he tells Dutch and the boys that they need to bring in one Tarren Tighmon, a Westerley rebel. Back in Old Town, the Killjoys have to reclaim's Pree's bar, the Royale, from its rowdy new operator. Meanwhile, Johnny scans the room for one of the eight prisoners, but it turns out he'd rather swallow the business end of a gun than give up Tighmon.

On the hunt for Tighmon, the Killjoys go to the prison they escaped from and find cell after cell of mummified corpses. They find an old prison worker who explains that it was a Company-provided toxic gas that did this, and Tighmon escaped with a tank of it. Later, after the Killjoys find Pawter, it's explained that the toxin dries out a human body nearly instantaneously and the only way to counteract the effects would be to inhale a lake.

Dutch seeks out Alvis as the quickest way to find Tighmon. But when they do find him, Tighmon is mistrustful of everyone. He and Dutch work out the beginnings of a trade — the tank for safe passage out of Old Town for the miners and their families — but before you can blink, a Company drone takes out Tighmon.

Dutch gets in touch with Jelco, who was of course behind the drone, and with the warrant fulfilled (for better or for worse), she demands passage for her and her crew off of Westerley. But Jelco wants the tank of toxic gas, and he sends out a bulletin to all of Old Town that there's a bounty on Dutch's head for the safe return of the tank. The Killjoys go on the run with Alvis, and it's Alvis who takes the tank to the ventilation system of Spring Hills. He means to murder all the Company officials there. Dutch and Johnny manage to let Alvis know that Pawter's still in Spring Hill, but it's too late, and in trying to remove the tank, Alvis gets gassed himself. Dav saves the day, though, submerging Alvis in a tank of water. It nearly kills him, but he makes it through. To celebrate, Dutch punches Alvis in the jaw for giving such a scare.

Pawter and Hills go to Spring Hill to try and get in touch with Pawter's mother. Jelco heads them off, though, and murders Hills and then decides to keep Pawter captive in Spring Hill.  Johnny slips her a communication device – comm link - to stay in touch. Pree stays behind in Old Town, reclaiming his bar. Alvis leaves with the Killjoys, but they get detoured back to an isolated spot in Westerley where they meet up with … Turin! Turns out, he doesn't trust the RAC either, and he proposes an alliance to get to the bottom of whatever Level 6 is planning. Here's to strange bedfellows.

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