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Killjoys & Dark Matter: Double the Awesome

Of course, they have a lot more in common than just being awesome ...

By Bryan Enk

Yes, Killjoys and Dark Matter are both awesome. But they have a lot more in common than just that!

How to Watch

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See below ... and prepare to have your mind blown.

  1. They Both Take Place in Outer Space

    Yep. Space is the place.


  2. They Both Feature a Team of Lovable Antiheroes

    In Killjoys, they're bounty hunters. In Dark Matter, they're amnesiac mercenaries. Yep.


  3. Each Team Has a Shady Handler

    In Killjoys, it's Turin. In Dark Matter, it's Tabor Calchek, who really only shows up when he feels like it (and often in his pajamas).


  4. Each Team Has a Cool Spaceship

    In Killjoys, they've got the Lucy. In Dark Matter, they've got the Raza. Both beauts!


  5. Each Team is Disillusioned With a Corrupt All-Powerful Organization

    In Killjoys, it's the RAC, or the Reclamation Apprehension Coalition. In Dark Matter, it's the GA, or Galactic Authority.


  6. The Leading Ladies Are Hot, Smart and Strong

    Dutch and Two should get together and start a girl band. A girl band with GUNS.


  7. The Leading Ladies Have Messed-Up Surrogate Father Figures

    Dutch has Khylen, who raised her to be an assassin. Two has Alexander Rook, who genetically engineered her to be ... well, we're not sure yet.


  8. The Leading Men Are Adorable Dorks

    Johnny and One. They should go on a road trip together, and someone should film it. And then we could all watch and laugh!



Oh, and they both air on Fridays. Watch Killjoys at 9/8c and Dark Matter at 10/9c.