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Killjoys Star Cast in Steven Spielberg Movie

When Dutch met Steven


So here's some exciting news. Hannah John-Kamen, aka intergalatic bounty hunter Dutch from Killjoys - has just been cast in Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One. The movie, which will start shooting in London next month, is based on the 2011 Ernest Cline novel. It tells the story of a teenger in 2044 who escapes his own crappy reality by entering a virtual utopia called OASIS, where he starts to solve a series of puzzles based on pop culture past....until his actions make him the target of killers. The book is absolutely awesome and a must read for anyone who lives pop culture, video games and/or sci-fi. So now the movie is gonna be awesome because Dutch herself is in it!

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Announced actors in the film include Ben Mendelsohn, Tye Sheridan and Olivia Cooke.