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The Syfy Awards for Most Important Hair

Yes, we are actually doing this. 


So we were watching Killjoys (which, by the way, if you are not, what's wrong with you) and noticed that Season 2 is rocking some very distinct hairstyles. Episode 7 features some very gorgeous Jheri Curl realness from Dutch. See exhibit A:

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Throw in Pawter, Turin's quite impressive mane and Killjoys Season 2 is on hair point. So, naturally, this inspired us to give out awards for best Syfy hair.

Nominess for Best Braids: Kady (The Magicians) / Alvis (Killjoys)  / Dutch (Killjoys)


And the winner is… Kady! For versatility (half-braids / half- down) and coming with cornrow correctness.

Nominees for Best Blowout: Julia (The Magicians) / Turin (Killjoys) / Two (Dark Matter)

And the winner is… Two! Julia was a close runner up but Two is proof that a good conditioner is not conditional.  

Nominees for Best Side Bangs: Eliot (The Magicians) / Quentin (The Magicians) / Naomi (The Expanse)

And the winner is… Eliot! We enjoy his version of “side swept” with added soft ringlets for dramatic affect. Multitasking like a hair boss. Also, it looks good with a cigarette (KIDS DON'T SMOKE). 

Best Baldie: Jason (Ghost Hunters)  / Pree (Killjoys)

And the winner is… Pree! Because we love a man who knows how to accessorize. #whathairenvy?

Best Use Of Color: Pawter (Killjoys) / Five (Dark Matter)

And the winner is… Five! For leaving us green with envy.

Best Fade: Four (Dark Matter) / Six (Dark Matter)

And the winner is… it's a tie! … Mostly because we don’t want to piss either one of these dudes off.

Most Pinterest-Worthy: The Android (Dark Matter)/ Misaki (Dark Matter) / Waverly (Wynonna Earp)

And the winner is… Waverly. Wait - what’s the sound? Oh, that's just 1,000 brides swooning in unison.

Best Side Pony: Chrisjen (The Expanse) and Dutch (Killjoys)

And the winner is… Dutch! Her braid game needs some work but this side pony, which she may or may not use as a weapon, is on point.