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The Top 5 Moments of Pawter Simms

Dear Pawter. Girl... we're gonna miss you.


Dear Dr. Pawter Simms,

We're gonna miss you. From the way you would always call Johnny, "Johnny Jacobi"' just in case he forgot it was his full name, to the way you stood up to your mom who was hella scary to the way that you had so much damn integrity that it eventually lead to your demise.

So here's to you, Red. A celebration of your top five most boss moments.

Love Always,

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Remember that time you set up a makeshift triage and had to amputate a leg without anesthesia, and the guy on the table didn't have any drugs either? Yeah, that was bad ass of you. We salute you for being a no-holds barred doctor and getting shit done.


Oh and when you stood up to your mommy dearest? We were rooting for you! (from the far corner of the room because seriously, your mom was scary af)
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So, your sister, Louella, got engaged to your ex-boyfriend (and current douche), Hank. And yet, you smiled at the both of them. Later, when your sister caught "frostbite" you didn't let her freeze from the inside out (we would have). Instead, you amputated her hand, which saved her life. You were always thinking on your feet.

Then there was the time when you broke Johnny out of jail by showing Jelco who the boss really was - YOU!

And lastly, you took down the wall around Old Town. It was a complicated move with even more complicated results and … *excuse us, we're getting choked up* … it cost you your life. But that's what was so great about you, Pawter. You could have lived a charmed life on Qresh with your entitled sister and awful mother and slightly less awful father, but you didn't. You sacrificed yourself for the good of the people and that's how we will forever remember you - full of giggles, doctor knowledge and goodness.

Ya'll, go out and hug your favorite red head today, call your doctor and just say thanks, or binge watch Killjoys episodes to remember all the good times, because that's what we'll be doing.

Until next time Red…