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Episode Recap: Boondoggie

New partners, new enemies, new missions. It’s good to be back, Killjoys.  


At the end of Season 2, Khlyen sacrificed his life for Dutch and before he died he told her two things: 1. The Quad will soon be overrun with lean mean fighting machine Level Sizes (A.K.A. Hullen) and 2. Khlyen's daughter Aneela - who has Dutch's face - is a dangerous Level Six who's on the hunt for Dutch and world domination. K, got it? Good. Let's dive into Season 3! …

Dutch, Pree, D'avin, Alvis and Fancy Lee surprise attack a lone Hullen hiding out and squeeze some answers out of him: him and his Hullen brethren know someone dried up the plasma lakes on Arkyn. Now they're regrouping and prepping for war. Over goop.

Back at the R.A.C., a tough talking taskmaster (possibly Hullen) named Banyan Gray is castigating the Killjoys for letting over four hundred of their cohorts go M.I.A. She gets on Dutch's case especially, because her partner Johnny went missing on her watch. Speaking of Johnny, he's on the lam. Disguised as a hackmod, he's busy getting extorted by a factory reclamation agent, and stunned by a cyborg named Ollie, whose inexplicably sporting Clara's machine-gun modification. It's been a full afternoon. He enlists Ollie to help locate Clara, who's been sending him signals containing her coordinates.

In turn, Johnny has been pinging Dutch with coordinates of the plasma trail he's been on, too. With these in her pocket, Dutch heads to Leith to apprehend Pippin Foster, a hawker of all things smuggled. He's going to help them locate a chemical beacon that's gone missing somewhere. Here's the plan: get the beacon, lure more Hullen to it, kill more Hullen, extract plasma from Hullen carcasses. Foster locates the last buyer of the beacon, a Sweet Janet, and brokers a deal. Let's hope that deal doesn't turn sour.

Ollie takes Johnny to a hackmod exclusive bar to dig up clues of Clara's whereabouts. Johnny's fake eyepiece falls out (dude wasn't even DRUNK) and his cover is blown. In order to exit the bar, Johnny's going to have to be modified…for real this time. Upgrade! What does he get? A neural-linked finger that can light-beam out a toothpick of energy.

Dutch and the gang (new band name?) rendezvous with Sweet Jane on Parallax to swap boku cash for one baller beacon. But the deal goes awry when agents looking for Pippin get in the way. Fancy Lee comes up the rears and, being all fancy and such, throws a boomerang-type weapon to dispatch the uninvited guests. The gang makes it outside and things are looking up, until they all look up: and a patrolling Hullen / RAC ship above their heads swoops down to detain them all.  

Ollie and Johnny, learning that more hackmods have been going missing and that this is normal, start to dig a little deeper. But curiosity killed the cyborg cat, and their investigation is cut short when Ollie is ambushed by a no-name killer — who's running on plasma. Johnny's got to get her some medical assistance STAT, or she's not going to make it.

Dutch and her team are in the Hullen / RAC holding cell for about five minutes before they make a crafty escape. Then spend another five AWESOME minutes beating the hell out of the Hullen trash. Dutch gives the top-ranking agent a glimpse into their plan: the beacon acted as bait, the Hullen took it, and now Dutch and the renegade Killjoys are starting a war. To punctuate her point, Dutch smashes a chair into the Hullen's face, and collects all that great face juice.

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